Penn State University


Comparative Literature Studies 49.X


The ACLX Conference

(September 30 and October 1, 2012)


As editor-in-chief of CLS, it gives me great pleasure to present to you our first multimedia “issue” of the journal – CLS 49.X. Since its first issue in 1963, CLS has been at the forefront of scholarly trends in the discipline of comparative literature, making it appropriate for us to publish an archival record of the ACLX Conference held in Fall 2011, in the form of video excerpts streamed on the World Wide Web.

The purpose of the ACLX conference was to test innovative presentation methods for conferences, and also to reveal new and different research agendas for comparative literature, as well as for literary studies in general. Browsing through the selected presentation excerpts by choosing the links below, you will encounter new and interesting ways of doing and sharing scholarship in literature and culture.

I would like to thank Eric Hayot for organizing this conference and Dawn Taylor, Leisa Rothlisberger, Michelle Decker, Atia Sattar, Jeff Resta, James De Cosmo, and Caitlin Keller for all their hard work prior to, during, and after the conference.

In closing, I take the oppostunity of reminding you of the “standard” CLS available in both print and digital formats. The complete run of the journal is  accessible through two widely available aggregators: Project Muse; and JSTOR, as well as by individual print subscription through the Penn State Press.


Thomas O. Beebee



Friday, September 30

9:00-10:30 The Short Session  
Denis Allen (West Virginia) 5-minute papers on the Lacanian short session
Robert Caserio (Penn State) chaired by Jonathan Eburne (Penn State)
Jonathan Eburne (Penn State)  
Seth Morton (Rice)  
Judith Roof (Rice)  
Atia Sattar (Penn State)  
10:45-12:15 Performing Comparisons  
Jo Guidi (Chicago) Microsoft Kinect-based performed talks
Kara Oehler (independent radio producer) chaired by Jeffrey Schnapp (Harvard)
Joana Pimenta (Harvard)  
Jeffrey Schnapp (Harvard)  
Jesse Shapins (Harvard)  
2:00-5:00 China Connections  
Andrea Bachner (Penn State) Interactive, recursive redistributions of topics
Eileen Cheng-yin Chow (Duke) via audience response
Michael Gibbs Hill (South Carolina) chaired by Carlos Rojas (Duke) and Andrea
  David Porter (Michigan) Bachner (Penn State)
Calvin Hui (Duke)  
Haiyan Lee (Stanford)  
Jie Li (Harvard)  
Petrus Liu (Cornell)  
Carlos Rojas (Duke)  
Shuang Shen (Penn State)  
Richard Jean So (Chicago)  
Weijie Song (Rutgers)  
Jonathan Stalling (Oklahoma)  
Chien-hsin Tsai (Texas)  
Xiaojue Wang (Penn)  


Saturday, October 1

9:00-10:30 Debate  
David Damrosch (Harvard) Stakes-clarifying arguments around the stakes
Mara de Gennaro (Bucknell) of language mastery for scholarship
Frances Ferguson (Johns Hopkins) chaired by Eric Hayot (Penn State)
Joseph Slaughter (Columbia)  
10:45-12:15 Cinema/Media  
Pamela Fernandez (George Washington) mixed-media presentations on the postcolony
Jeffrey Middents (American) chaired by Sophia McClennen (Penn State)
Jennifer Wenzel (Michigan)  
1:45-2:45 Tricontinental Archives  
Madhumita Lahiri (NYU) A multi-continental archival research archive
Katherine Baxter (Northumbria) chaired by Tom Beebee (Penn State)
3:00-4:20 Visualizing Comparisons  
Ed Finn (Arizona State) Experiments in the visual representation of literary
Jeffrey Schnapp (Harvard) data
Denis Tenenboym (Columbia) chaired by Jeffrey Schnapp (Harvard)
4:30-5:30 E(x)change Ex-post Facto


 Interviewed by Dawn Taylor (Penn State)

Eric Hayot (Penn State)

David Damrosch (Harvard)

Jeffrey Schnapp (Harvard)

Katherine Baxter (Northumbria)

Madhumita Lahiri (NYU)






Updated 22 August 2012 by Dawn Taylor