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Volume 54

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VOL. 54, No. 1, 2017

Special Issue: Comparative Literature in East Asia, Guest Editor Ning Wang.


Introduction: Comparative Literature in East Asia
Liu Kang

Gender Studies in the Post-theoretical Era: A Chinese Perspective
Wang Ning

The Personal is Political: A Comparative Study of Contemporary Chinese and American Confessional Poetry
Zhang Xiaohong

Towards a Comparative Narratology: A Chinese Perspective
Shang Biwu

The Essence of Literatire as the Statement of Life Pain: Comparative Analysis of Travel Literature in Chinese
Zhu Shoutong

Cultural Translation and World Literature in Korea
Kim Youngmin

The Past Never Passes Away: Literary Representation of Jewish Refugees in Shanghai
Qiao Guoqiang

Exploring the Cosmoplitan Elements in Laos She's Works
Sheng Anfeng

World Literarture as Event: Ibsen and Modern Chinese Fiction
He Changzhou

John Milton's Idea of Kingship and Its Comparison with Confucianism
Hao Tianhu

Memories and Their Literary Representations: Comparative Reading of Red Sorghum and True History of Kelly Gang
Peng Qinglong

Reconstructing the Korean Female Image from an Orientalist Perspective
Piao Yuming

Under Western Critical Eyes: Du Fu
Massimo Verdicchio


Book Reviews

An Ecology of World Literature: From Antiquity to the Present Day. By Alexander Beecroft. London: Verso, 2015. 312 pages. $19.74.
Stefan Helgesson

Literature Now: Key Terms and Methods for Literary History. Edited by Sascha Bru, Ben de Bruyn and Michel Delville. Edinburgh University Press, 2016. x + 309 pp. Paperback £24.99.
Molly Dooley Appel

Born Translated: The Contemporary Novel in an Age of World Literature. By Rebecca Walkowitz. New York, NY: Columbia University Press, 2015. 336 pp. Cloth $24.00, e-book $39.99.
Jan Steyn

Dancing with Disaster: Environmental Histories, Narrative, and Ethics for Perilous Times. By Kate Rigby. Charlottesville and London: University of Virginia Press, 2015. 225 pp. $24.50.
Anne Milne

The Theory of the Sublime: From Longinus to Kant. By Robert Doran
Kelly Lehtonen

Saint-Amour, Paul K. Tense Future: Modernism, Total War, Encyclopedic Form. By Paul K. Saint-Amour.
Adam Toth

Proust's Latin Americans. By Rubén Gallo.
Charlotte Rogers

Urban Confrontations in Literature and Social Science, 1848-2001: European Contexts, American Evolutions by Edward Ahearn
Daniel Aldrich

Literature, Language, and Multiculturalism in Scandinavia and the Low Countries. Edited by Wolfgang Behschnitt, Sarah De Mul, and Liesbeth Minnaard. Amsterdam, The Netherlands; New York: Textext, Rodopi, 2013. xiii, 343 pp. Paper, $105.
Annette Thorsen Vilslev

Traveling Texts and the Work of Afro-Japanese Cultural Production:Two Haiku and a Microphone edited by William H. Bridges IV and Nina Cornyetz
Zelideth Maria Rivas

Native Tongue, Stranger Talk: The Arabic and French Literary Landscapes of Lebanon by Michelle Hartman
Syrine Hout


VOL. 54, No. 2, 2017


Renga: A European Poem and its Japanese Model
Roy Starrs

Kindly Terror and Civic Fury: Eumenides and the Language of Myth
Ben Pestell

From Empire to Independence: Colonial Space in the Writing of Tutuola, Ekwensi, Beti, and Kane
Madhu Krishnan

Ideal Cities: Marred Individuals J.M. Coetzee's The Childhood of Jesus and José Saramago's A Caverna
Hania A.M. Nashef

Beyond Translation: The Matrice of Frankétienne's Dezafi
Mollie McFee

The Writing of the Unwritten and the Translation of the Untranslatable: Alexandra David-Néel’s Reception in China
Yunfei Bai

Community by Death: Mishima, Bataille, and Metaphysics of the Flesh
Astrid Lac


Book Reviews

Ursula K. Heise. Imagining Extinction: The Cultural Meanings of Endangered Species
Daniel Benjamin Williams

Emron Esplin. Borges's Poe: The Influence and Reinvention of Edgar Allan Poe in Spanish America
Steven Benjamin Wenz

Adam Lifshey. Subversions of the American Century: Filipino Literature in Spanish and the Transpacific Transformation of the United States
William Arighi

Ikuho Amano. Decadent Literature in Twentieth-Century Japan: Spectacles of Idle Labor
James Mark Shields

Sandra Vlasta.Contemporary Migration Literature in German and English: A Comparative Study
Katherine Anderson


VOL. 54, No. 3, 2017


Styles of Reasoning in Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground and Soseki's Kokoro
Scott Mehl

Cultural Self-Discovery in Vasco Pires's Tri-Lingual Poetry
Matthew Teorey

Borges reads Machado: A Translation of "A Cartomante" in Revista Multicolor de los Sábados
Marcelo Mendes

Voices of Rousseau and Temporality in Friedrich Hölderlin's "Der Rhein"
David Kenosian

Plotting New Womanhood on either side of the Channel. A comparison of Tinayre's La Rebelle and Dixon's The Story of a Modern Woman
Kathryn Rees

Surfaces for Practices in Kanai Mieko's When Treading on Soft Earth,: Translating Sensation from Screen to Novel
Atsuko Sasaki

The intrusive "I" in translations of Italian librettos
Miquel Edo


Review Essays

Allen Hibbard



The Ethnic Avant-Garde: Minority Cultures and World Revolution
José Felipe Alvergue

Book Review: Naimou, Angela. Salvage Work: U.S. and Caribbean Literatures amid the Debris of Legal Personhood
Maria Anna Zazzarino

The Pan American Imagination: Contested Visions of the Hemisphere in Twentieth-Century Literature
John Maddox

Commonplaces: The Poetics of African Atlantic Postromantics
Ricardo J. Arribas

The Arabic/Hebrew Literary Encounter and the Creation of Vibrating Minor Spaces
Maurice Ebileeni


VOL. 54, No. 4, 2017

Special Issue: Cross Cultural Reading. Guest Editors: Yehong Zhang and Gerhard Lauer


Yehong Zhang and Gerhard Lauer

Talking animals and the politics of world literature
Christina Ivanovic - University Wien, Austria

Canons as Literary Reservoirs: Reading Ziya Pasha's Harabat in a Comparative Middle Eastern Poetics
Arslan Ceyhun – Harvard U

Translationscapes: On the Legibility of Transnational Ideologies in World Literary Systems
Jordan Smith -Josai International University, Japan

Different Conceptual Blending with Different Cultural Frames: Goldblatt's (Mis-)Construal of Mo Yan's Metaphor in Big Breasts and Wide Hips
Xiaohui Liang - University of International Relations, China

The Influence of Reader's Stereotypes on the Assessment of Fictional Characters
Jan Auracher and Akiko Hirose - Max-Planck Institute, Germany

Cross-Cultural Responses to a Poem: An Empirical Study of Real Readers
Anna Chesnokova et. al. - Kyiv University, Ukraine

Cross-Cultural Poem Reading in Neurocognitive Poetics
Yehong Zhang - Tsinghua University, China


Book Review Essay

(Re)thinking the (post)nation(al), Europe and (trans)culture/ality
Bavjola Shatro


Book Reviews

Barbara Alfano. The Mirage of America in Contemporary Italian Literature and Film
Sara Marzioli

Adonis. An Introduction to Arab Poetics
Colleen Wu

Philip Kitcher. Deaths in Venice: The Cases of Gustav von Aschenbach
Peter Höyng

Xiaofan Amy Li. Comparative Encounters between Artaud, Michaux and the Zhuangzi: Rationality, Cosmology and Ethic
Louis Komjathy

Jeffrey R. Di Leo. Dead Theory: Derrida, Death, and the Afterlife of Theory. Edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo.
D.J. S. Cross

Antonia Luciano de Andrade Tosta. Confluence Narratives:Ethnicity, History, and Nation-Making in the Americas
John Maddox

Jaime Hanneken. Imagining the Postcolonial:Discipline. Poetics, Practices in Latin American and Francophone Discourses
Vivian Halloran

Maria Sabina Draga Alexandru, Madalina Nicolae, Helen Smith, eds. Between History and Personal Narrative East European Women's Stories of Migration in the New Millennium Contributions to Transnational Feminism vol.4.
Luiza Marinescu

Andras Kisery, Zsolt T. Komaromy, and Zsuzsanna Vara, eds. Worlds of Hungarian Writing: National Literature as Intercultural Exchange
Eszter Kállay

Anke Birkenmaier. Review of The Specter of Races: Latin American Anthropology and Literature between the Wars.
Frans Weiser