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Volume 51

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VOL. 51, No. 1, 2014


Poetry Games




Jonathan Eburne and Andrew Epstein

Poetry is Theft
Rachel Galvin

Comic Poetics of Imaginative Travel in Your Country is Great
Eric Rettberg

English Before Engrish: Asian American Poetry’s Unruly Tongue
Tara Fickle

Pedantry and Play: The Zukofsky Catullus
Josef Horáček

The ABCs of Conceptual Writing
Jacquelyn Ardam

Terrible Engines: A Speculative Turn in Recent Poetry and Fiction
Brian Kim Stefans

Book Reviews

Theodore Ziolkowski. Gilgamesh Among Us: Modern Encounters with the Ancient Epic
(Sydney Aboul-Hosn)

David Tucker. Samuel Beckett and Arnold Geulincx: Tracing ‘a literary fantasia’
(Lois Gordon)

Magdalena Kay. Knowing One’s Place in Contemporary Irish and Polish Poetry: Zagajewski, Mahon, Heaney, Hartwig
(Charles S. Kraszewski)

Valerie Henitiuk. Worlding Sei Shōnagon: The Pillow Book in Translation
(Charlotte Eubanks)

Alexa C.Y. Huang. Weltliterature und Welttheater: Ästhetischer Humanismus in der kuturellen Globalisierung
(Adam J. Toth)


    VOL. 51, No. 2, 2014



    The Gender and Queer Politics of Translation: New Approaches
    William J. Spurlin

    A Queer and Embodied Translation: Ethics of Difference and Erotics of Distance
    Aarón Lacayo

    “Homme” peut-il vouloir dire “Femme”?  Gender and Translation in Seventeenth-Century French Moral Literature
    Pierre Zoberman

    Strategies of Translating Sexualities as Part of the Secularization of Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth-Century Russia
    Sergey Tyulenev

    Translation is Blind: Reflections on Narcissus and the Possibility of a Queer Echo
    Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

    Tick as Appropriate: A) Gay, B) Queer, or C) None of the Above: Translation and Sexual Politics in Lawrence Venuti’s A Hundred Strokes of the Brush Before Bed
    Serena Bassi

    Untranslatable Desire: Inter-Ethnic Relationships in Franco-Arab Literature
    Mehammed Amadeus Mack                                                   


    Book Reviews

    Judith Butler and Elizabeth Weed. The Question of Gender
    (Geoffery Berney)

    Irene Marques. Transnational Discourses on Class, Gender, and Cultural Identity
    (Malathi Iyengar)

    Hoda Elsadda. Gender, Nation and the Arabic Novel
    (Dina Heshmat)

    Yasemin Yildiz. Beyond the Mother Tongue: The Postmonolingual Condition
    (Bruce Horner)

    S. Shankar. Flesh and Fish Blood: Postcolonialism, Translation and The Vernacular
    (Amardeep Singh)

    Shaden M. Tageldin. Disarming Words: Empire and the Seductions of Translation in Egypt
    (Jenine Abboushi)

    Tamar Steinitz. Translingual Identities: Language and the Self in Stefan Heym and Jakov Lind
    (Natasha Lvovich)

    Yael Schlick. Feminism and the Politics of Travel After the Enlightenment
    (Ulrike Brisson)

    Vittoria Intonti & Rosella Mallardi, eds. Cultures in Contact: Translation and Reception of I Promessi Sposi in 19th Century England
    (Mary Ann Carolan)


    VOL. 51, No. 3, 2014




    The Institution and the Practice of Comparative Literature in Lebanon

    Ken Seigneurie


    Sex(y) Summer Solstice: Lope de Vega and Shakespeare Write Fantasies of Feminine Desire

    Hilaire Kallendorf


    Federico Garcia Lorca and Pablo Neruda's Odes to Walt Whitman: A Set of Choral Poetry

    Delphine Rumeau


    Imitations of the Holocaust from the Recollections of Early Childhood: Childhood Memories, Holocaust Representation, and the Uses of Nostolgia in Danilo Kis and Christa Wolf

    Aleksandar Stevic


    "Diaphanous Irony": Ironic Masquerade and Breakdown in Vladimir Nabokov's The Real Life of Sebastian Knight and Gaito Gazdanov's Night Roads

    Yulia Pushkarevskaya Naughton


    Book Reviews

    Review Essay:

    The Explanatory Critic: Harry Levin and Literary Criticism.

    (Jay Garcia)

    Book Reviews:

    Emily Apter. Against World Literature: On the Politics of Untranslatability

    (David Damrosch)

    Rita Felski and Susan Stanford Friedman, eds. Comparison: Theories, Approaches, Uses

    (Beyza Lorenz)

    Philip Lorenz. The Tears of Sovereignty: Perspectives of Power in Renaissance Drama

    (Andrew Gray)

    Hassan Melehy. The Poetics of Literary Transfer in Early Modern France and England

    (Karen Britland)

    Walter Bernhart and Michael Halliwell, eds. Word and Music Studies: Essays on Performativity and on Surveying the Field

    (Juliane Schicker)

    William V. Spanos. Exiles in the City: Hannah Arendt and Edward W. Said

    (Andrew Rubin)

    Franco Cassano. Southern Thought and Other Essays on the Mediterranean.Norma Bouchard and Valerio Ferme, eds. and trans.

    (Bernardo Piciche)

    Ilya Kliger. The Narrative Shape of Truth: Veridiction in Modern European Literature

    (Emma Lieber)

    David Palumbo-Liu, Bruce Robbins, and Nirvana Tanoukhi, eds. Immanuel Wallterstein and the Problem of the World: System, Scale, Culture

    (Marike Janzen)

    Mark Hewson. Blanchot and Literary Criticism

    (John McKeane)


    VOL. 51, No. 4, 2014




    A. Owen Aldridge Prize Winner (2013):

    What is a Digital Author? The Faulknerian Author-Function in Jean-Luc Godard’s Film Socialisme
    Lauren Du Graf


    What the World Thinks about Literature:

    The Public Sphere and Literary Journals: An Investigation of the Discursive Formation of New Fiction's Utopian Imagination in Late Qing
    Shuk Man Leung



    Should we Justify the Humanities? A Round Table with David Damrosch, Lois Zamora, and Marianne Hirsch
    Michael Swacha



    Margins of Europe: Rethinking “Illegal” Migration and Hospitality through Arab Diasporic Literature
    Lisa Marchi

    Rereading the Story of the Widow of Ephesus in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
    Edward Wheatley

    From Female Ghosts to Ghostly Womanhood: Mt. Ch'iak (1908-1911) and the Birth of Modern Korean Fiction
    Yoon Sun Yang



    Book Reviews


    Review Essay:

    Andrew Milner. Locating Science Fiction, and Anindita Banerjee. We Modern People: Science Fiction and the Making of Russian Modernity
    Jose Alaniz


    Book Reviews:

    Theo D’haen et al., eds. The Canonical Debate Today: Crossing Disciplinary and Cultural Boundaries
    (Jan Gorak)

    Eugenio Suárez-Galbán. The Last Good Land: Spain in American Literature
    (Luiz Alvarez-Castro)

    Kerstin Oloff and Michael Niblett, eds. Perspectives of the 'Other America': Comparative Approaches to Caribbean and Latin American Culture
    (Renea Mitchell)

    Marissa K. López. Chicano Nations
    (Ariane Audet)

    Barbara Henry. Rewriting Russia: Jacob Gordin’s Yiddish Drama
    (Alyssa Quint)

    Robbie B. H. Goh. Narrating Race: Asia, (Trans)Nationalism, Social Change
    (Jini Kim Watson)

    Douwe Fokkema. Perfect Worlds: Utopian Fiction in China and the West
    (Roy Chan)


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