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Volume 50

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VOL. 50, No. 1, 2013


Sustaining Ecocriticism: Comparative Perspectives




Part A: Displacing Ecocriticism

How to Talk About Nature When There Is No More Nature to Talk About: Toward a Sustainable Universal
Petar Ramadanovic

Sustaining Nothing: Untranslatable Material in Beckett’s Worstward Ho
Tze-Yin Teo

Humor and Politics through the Animal in Cervantes and Leopold
John Beusterien and Baird Callicot

Part B: Revisioning Ecocritical Geographies

Latin American Literature at the Rise of Environmentalism: Urban Ecological Thinking in José María Arguedas’s The Foxes
Jorge Marcone

Topographies of Anti-Colonialism: The Ecopoetical Sublime in the Caucasus from Tolstoy to Mamakaev
Rebecca Gould

The Secret of Shangri-La: Agricultural Travels and the Rise of Organic Farming Discourse
Shiuhhuah Serena Chou

Toward Trans-Pacific Ecopoetics: Three Indigenous Texts
Hsinya Huang

Community Resilience and the Cosmopolitan Role in the Environmental Challenge-Response Novels of Ghosh, Grace, and Sinha
Patrick D. Murphy

Book Reviews

Karen Laura Thornber. Ecoambiguity: Environmental Crises and East Asian Literatures    
(Hsinya Huang)

Elizabeth DeLoughrey and George B. Handley, eds. Postcolonial Ecologies: Literatures of the Environment
(Erin James)

Margaret Cohen. The Novel and the Sea
(Alexandra Phillips)

Stephen Greenblatt, Ines Županov, Reinhard Meyer-Kalkus, Heike Paul, Pál Nyíri, and Friederike Pannewick. Cultural Mobility: A Manifesto
(Lauren Coats)

Djelal Kadir. Memos From the Besieged City: Lifelines for Cultural Sustainability
(Michael Holquist)


    VOL. 50, No. 2, 2013




    John Burt Foster, Jr.

    Comparing Modern Literatures Worldwide: The Transamerican View
    Ramón Saldívar

    Literary History in Transnational Mode: The Challenges of Writing a History of East-Central European Literatures
    Marcel Cornis-Pope

    Lusophonia vs. Lusutopia, MLA vs. MTA
    Thomas O. Beebee

    Languages, Literatures, Pedagogies: The MLA, Africa, and Diaspora Studies
    Françoise Lionnet

    Middle Kingdom on the Margins: The Perilous Journey of Chinese into the MLA and Other Radical Ruminations
    Christopher Lupke

    Imagining Otherwise: Comparative South Asian Literatures and the MLA
    Sangeeta Ray


    The Poet as Translator: Mary Wortley Montagu Approaches the Turkish Lyric
    Elizabeth Kelley Bowman

    Seamus Heaney, Zbigniew Herbert, and the Moral Imperative
    Magdalena Maria-Anna Kay

    The “Nazi Detective” as Provider of Justice in Post-1990 British and German Fiction
    Katharina Hall

    Bibliography and National Canon: Women Writers in France, England, Germany, and Russia
    Hilde Hoogenboom


    J. Hillis Miller. Reading for Our Time: Adam Bede and Middlemarch Revisited
    (Éamonn Dunne)
    Éamonn Dunn. J. Hillis Miller and the Possibilities of Reading: Literature after Deconstruction
    (Peggy Kamuf)

    Dragan Kujundžić. The First Sail: J. Hillis Miller
    (Justin Halverson)

    Response by J. Hillis Miller                                                                         


    Book Reviews

    Theo D’haen and Iannis Goerlandt, eds. Literature for Europe?
    (Christian J. Emden)

    Will Norman and Duncan White, eds. Transitional Nabokov
    (Ellen Pifer)

    Domhnall Mitchell and Maria Stuart, eds. The International Reception of Emily Dickinson
    (Shira Wolosky)

    Ritchie Robertson. Mock-Epic Poetry from Pope to Heine
    (Robert Phiddian)

    Deborah Starr. Remembering Cosmopolitan Egypt: Literature, Culture, and Empire
    (Marlé Hammond)                                                                    



    VOL. 50, No. 3, 2013





    The Victorian Counterarchive: Mikimoto Ryuzo, John Ruskin, and Affirmative Reading
    Joseph Lavery



    Interface: “Poésie et connaisance” (Aimé Césaire, 1944) and Approche de la parole (Lorand Gaspar, 1978) Revisited
    Bernadette Cailler

    Césaire at the Crossroads in Haiti: Correspondence with Henri Seyrig
    Kora Véron

    Césaire and the Challenge of Translation: the Example of “Strong Men” by Sterling Brown
    Thomas Hale


    Borges’ Philosophy of Poe’s Composition
    Emron Esplin

    Vladimir Nabokov and Virginia Woolf
    Priscilla Meyer and Rachel Trousdale


    Book Reviews


    Jeremy M. Downes. The Female Homer: An Exploration of Women's Epic Poetry
    (Justine McConnell)

    Frederick A. De Armas, ed. Ovid in the Age of Cervantes
    (Paolo Matteucci)


    Josephine Donovan. European Local-Color Literature
    (Anne Markey)

    Rachael Langford, ed. Textual Intersections: Literature, History and the Arts in Nineteenth-Century Europe
    (Elisa Martí-López)

    Roberto De Pol, ed. The First Translations of Machiavelli’s “Prince” from the Sixteenth to the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
    (Victoria Kahn)


    Urmila Seshagiri. Race and the Modernist Imagination
    (Jessica Berman)

    Gretchen Murphy. Shadowing the White Man’s Burden: U.S. Imperialism and the Problem of the Color Line
    (Keith Feldman)


    Sarah Säckel, Walter Göbel and Noha Hamdy, eds. Semiotic Encounters: Text, Image, and Trans-Nation
    (Ikuho Amano)

    Richard Dubé, Pascal Gin, Walter Moser and Alvaro Pires, eds. Modernité en transit
    (Madelena Gonzalez)

    Culture and Transculture

    Steven Shankman. Other Others: Levinas, Literature, Transcultural Studies
    (J. A. Jackson)

    Graeme Dunphy and Rainer Emig, Eds. Hybrid Humour. Comedy in Transcultural Perspectives
    (Jessica Voges)

    Barbara Burns and Joy Charnley, eds. Crossing Frontiers: Cultural Exchange and Conflict. Papers in Honour of Malcolm Pender
    (Christopher Jones)

    Virgil Nemoianu. Postmodernism & Cultural Identities: Conflicts and Coexistence
    (Donald Kaczvinsky)


    VOL. 50, No. 4, 2013




    The Problem of Literary Generations: Origins and Limitations
    Marius Hentea

    Ghostwriting History: Subverting the Reception of Le Regard du roi and Le Devoir de violence
    Kyle Wanberg

    Persuasive Ironies: Utopian Readings of Swift and Krasicki
    Katarzyna Bartoszyńska

    Captive Memories: Articulate vs. Disarticulated Silences in David Guterson’s Snow Falling on Cedars and Wendy Catran’s The Swap
    Daniel McKay

    Noirse-Made-Earsy: Noise in Finnegans Wake
    Roy Benjamin


    Book Reviews


    Éamonn Dunne. Reading Theory Now: An ABC of Good Reading with J. Hillis Miller
    (Wang Ning)

    Kader Konuk. East West Mimesis: Auberbach in Turkey
    (Seth Lerer)

    Dan Miron. From Continuity to Contiguity: Toward a New Jewish Literary Thinking
    (Benjamin Schreier)

    Mikhail Krutikov. From Kabbalah to Class Struggle: Expressionism, Marxism, and Yiddish Literature in the Life and Work of Meir Wiener
    (Miriam Udel)

    Peter Y. Paik. From Utopia to Apocalypse: Science Fiction and the Politics of Catastrophe
    (Lorenzo Di Tommaso)

    Robert Harvey. Witnessness: Beckett, Dante, Levi and the Foundations of Responsibility
    (Risa Sodi)

    Patrick Hayes. J.M. Coetzee and the Novel: Writing and Politics after Beckett
    (Steven G. Kellman)

    Marjorie Perloff . Unoriginal Genius: Poetry by Other Means in the New Century
    (Alan Golding)

    Jennifer Wawrzinek and J.K.S. Makokha, Eds. Negotiating Afropolitanism: Essays on Borders and Spaces in Contemporary African Literature and Folklore
    (Aaron Rosenberg)

    Brian T. Edwards and Dilip Parameshwar Gaonkar, Eds. Globalizing American Studies
    (Leisa Rothlisberger)

    Yasco Horsman. Theaters of Justice: Judging, Staging, and Working Through in Arendt, Brecht, and Delbo
    (Jennifer L. Geddes)

    Alison Rudd. Postcolonial Gothic Fictions from the Caribbean, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
    (Rachael Weaver)

    Philip Hardie and Helen Moore, Eds. Classical Literary Careers and their Reception
    (Stephen Guy-Bray)

    Moira Fradinger. Binding Violence: Literary Visions of Political Origins
    (Thomas Beebee)

    Bruce Louden. Homer's Odyssey and the Near East
    (Kostas Myrsiades)

    Fidel Fajardo-Acosta. Courtly Seductions, Modern Subjections: Troubadour Literature and the Medieval Construction of the Modern World
    (Catherine Léglu)

    Adam Lifshey. Specters of Conquest: Indigenous Absence in Transatlantic Literatures
    (Elizabeth Russ)

    Dennis Looney. Freedom Readers: The African American Reception of Dante Alighieri and the Divine Comedy
    (Sherry Roush)

    Pim Higginson. The Noir Atlantic: Chester Himes and the Birth of the Francophone African Crime Novel
    (Jonathan Eburne)

    Ken Seigneurie. Standing by the Ruins: Elegiac Humanism in Wartime and Postwar Lebanon
    (Nesrine Chahine)

    John Rignall. George Eliot, European Novelist
    (Stefanie Markovits)

    Hugh P. McGrath and Michael Comenetz. Valéry’s Graveyard: ‘Le Cimetière marin’ Translated, Described and Peopled
    (Stamos Metzidakis)





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