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Volume 49

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VOL. 49, No. 1, 2012




'In the Flash of an Eye a Multiplicity of Things': The Poetics of the (In)Finite in James Joyce and Giacomo Leopardi
Federico Sabatini

‘Drowned in Blood’: Honor, Bloodline, and Domestic Ideology in The Duchess of Malfi and El médico de su honra
Ariane M. Balizet

The Prometheus Myth in the Sculptures of Sami Mohammed and the Plays of Aeschylus and Shelley
Zahra Ali

The Crimean Tatars and the Poetics of Home in Nineteenth-Century Russian and Turkish Literatures
Rory Finnin

Book Reviews

Across Oceans

Kate Flint. The Transatlantic Indian 1776-1930
(Quentin Youngberg)

Theo D’Haen and Reindert Dhondt, eds. International Don Quixote
(Bruce B. Burningham) 

Mary Ann Gillies, Helen Sword, and Steven Yao, eds.  Pacific Rim Modernisms 
(R. John Williams)

Ben Stoltzfus. Hemingway and French Writers
(Jerry A. Varsava)

Collection and Preservation

Paul Eggert. Securing the Past: Conservation in Art, Architecture and Literature 
(Curtis Swope)

Silvia Spitta. Misplaced Objects: Migrating Collections and Recollections in Europe and the Americas
(Ruth Y. Hsu)

Counter-Enlightenment and Postmodernism

Brian Lennon. In Babel's Shadow: Multilingual Literatures, Monolingual States
(Claire Kramsch)
Peter Caravetta. Del posmoderno. Critica e cultura in America dall’alba del Duemila
(Barbara Alfano)

Christian Thorne. The Dialectic of Counter-Enlightenment
(Thora I. Bayer)

Central and Eastern Europe

Louise O. Vasvári and Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek, eds. Comparative Central European Holocaust Studies
(Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru)

Michael Eskin. Poetic Affairs: Celan, Grünbein, Brodsky
(James Brasfield)

Brian Richardson, ed. Narrative Beginnings: Theories and Practices

(Gregory Byala)



    VOL. 49, No. 2, 2012



    Jossianna Arroyo & Elizabeth A. Marchant       


    “We Never Could Understand Why the Black Man Did Not Come to Us:” Early African-Amerindian Subjectivities in Miguel Cabello Balboa’s Verdadera Descripción de la Provincia de Esmeraldas (1583)

    Ruben A. Sánchez-Godoy


    The Ship, the Plantation, and the Polis: Reading Gilroy and Glissant as Moral Philosophy

    Guillermina de Ferrari


    Songs and Intellectuals: The Musical Projects of Alain Locke, Alejo Carpentier, and Mário de Andrade

    Luiza Franco Moreira


    From Underworld to Avant-Garde: Art and Criminology in Cuba and Brazil

    Rodrigo Lopes de Barros


    Other Atlantics: Cape Verde, Chiquinho, and the Black Atlantic World

    Brady Smith


    Beyond Discontent: National and Diasporic Imaginings in Contemporary Afro-Brazilian Women’s Writing

    Alexandra Perisic


    The Black Atlantic as Dystopia: Bernardine Evaristo’s Blonde Roots

    Judie Newman



    Book Reviews

    Joselyn M. Almeida, ed. Romanticism and the Anglo-Hispanic Imaginary

    (Elizabeth Fay)


    Joselyn M. Almeida. Reimagining the Transatlantic, 1780-1890

    (Dawn Taylor)


    Paul B. Miller. Elusive Origins: The Enlightenment in the Modern Caribbean Historical Imagination

    (Adriana Mendez)


    Mary Helen McMurran. The Spread of Novels: Translation and Prose Fiction in the Eighteenth Century

    (Teresa Barnard)


    Willliam Egginton. The Theater of Truth: The Ideology of (Neo)Baroque Aesthetics

    (Roberto González Echevarría)


    Lois Parkinson Zamora and Monika Kaup, eds. Baroque New Worlds: Representation, Transculturation, Counterconquest

    (William Egginton)


    Ralph Bauer and José Antonio Mazzotti, eds. Creole Subjects in the Colonial Americas: Empires, Texts, Identities

    (Luis Millones)


    Dalia Kandiyoti. Migrant Sites: America, Place, and Diaspora Literatures

    (Sarah Phillips Casteel)



    VOL. 49, No. 3, 2012


    Jorge Amado and World Literature






Exchange and Eidolon: Analyzing Forgiveness in Euripides’ Helen

Michelle C. Jansen





Jorge Amado’s Penn State Lectures: Brazilian Literature, World Literature (Excerpts)

Transcribed by Caroline Egan and Dawn Taylor

Translated by Dawn Taylor


Is Jorge Amado the Gateway to Brazil or Not?

Alamir Aquino Correa


Rationalism Called Into Question in the Latin American Narrative: From Jorge Luis Borges to Jorge Amado

Eduardo de Faria Coutinho


Jorge Amado, Exile and Literature

Eduardo de Assis Duarte


Jorge Ahmad

Waïl S. Hassan





The Ethics of Human Cloning in Narrative Fiction

Amit Marcus


When Orature Becomes Literature: Somali Poetry and Folk Tales in Somali Novels  

F. Fiona Moolla



    Book Reviews

    Marieke Krajenbrink and Kate M. Quinn, eds. Investigating Identities: Questions of Identity in Contemporary International Crime Fiction

    (Robert Rushing)


    Wendy Larson. From Ah Q to Lei Feng: Freud and Revolutionary Spirit in 20th Century China

    (Zhen Zhang)


    Rei Terada. Looking Away: Phenomenality and Dissatisfaction, Kant to Adorno

    (Jan Mieszkowski)


    James Rovira. Blake and Kierkegaard: Creation and Anxiety

    (Robert W. Rix)


    Carole Levin and John Watkins. Shakespeare’s Foreign Worlds: National and Transnational Identities in the Elizabethan Age

    (Alexander C. Y. Huang)


    Brenda Machosky.Thinking Allegory Otherwise

    (David Kelman)


    Jeffrey Bardzell. Speculative Grammar and Stoic Language Theory in Medieval Allegorical Narrative: From Prudenyus to Alan of Lille

    (Marc Mastrangelo)


    Charlotte D. Eubanks. Miracles of Book and Body: Buddhist Textual Culture and Medieval Japan

    (Keller Kimbrough)


    Christi A. Merrill. Riddles of Belonging: India in Translation and Other Tales of Possession

    (Aparagita Sagar)




    VOL. 49, No. 4, 2012





    Liu Kang

    Chinese Literary and Cultural Trends in a Postrevolutionary Era
    Wang Ning

    Zhu: Shengao: Shakespeare Translator and a Shakespearean Tragic Hero in Wartime China
    Lu Tonglin

    Refashioning Print Literature: Internet Literature in China
    Jing Chen

    The Ambiguities of Chineseness and the Dispute Over the “Homecoming” of Turandot
    Chengzhou He

    Eileen Chang’s Cross-Cultural Writing and Rewriting in Love in the Fallen City
    Xiaoping Wang

    A Voice Silenced and Heard: Negotiations and Transactions Across Boundaries in Ling Shuhua’s English Memoirs Ancient Melodies
    Xiaoquan Raphael Zhang

    Gary Snyder: Translator and Cultural Mediator Between China and the World
    Robin Chen-Hsing Tsai

    Commentary: Modernisms and Postmodernisms
    Marshall Brown


    Book Reviews


    Seo-Young Chu. Do Metaphors Dream of Literal Sleep? A Science-Fictional Theroy of Representation
    (Gerry Canavan)

    Gang Zhou. Placing the Modern Chinese Vernacular in Transnational Literature
    (Yiju Huang)

    Ming Xie. Conditions of Comparison: Reflections on Comparative Intercultural Inquiry
    (Alexander J. Beecroft)

    Christopher Bush. Ideographic Modernism: China, Writing, Media
    (Mark Goble)

    Steven G. Yao. Foreign Accents: Chinese American Vernacular from Exclusion to Postethnicity
    (Josephine Park)

    Yi Zheng. From Burke and Wordsworth to the Modern Sublime in Chinese Literature
    (Ban Wang)

    Ronit Ricci. Islam Translated: Literature, Conversion, and the Arabic Cosmopolis of South and South East Asia
    (Richard Cohen)

    David Herman. Basic Elements of Narrative
    (John D.Wicinas )

    Matthew Hart. Nations of Nothing but Poetry: Modernism, Transnationalism, and Synthetic Vernacular Writing
    (Peter Howarth)

    Roshni Mooneeram. From Creole to Standard: Shakespeare, Language, and Literature in a Postcolonial Context
    (Suddhaseel Sen)

    Freddie Rokem. Philosophers and Thespians: Thinking Performance
    (Monica Prendergast)

    Peter Hitchcock. The Long Space: Transnationalism and Postcolonial Form
    (Jonathan Naito)



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