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Volume 44

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VOL. 44, No. 1-2, 2007


A. Owen Aldridge Prize Winner 2005 - 2006

Reading with One Eye, Speaking with One Tongue: On the Problem of Address in World Literature
Michael Allan

Found in Translation: The Two Lives of E. M. Cioran; or How Can One Be a Comparatist?
Ilinca Zarifopol-Johnston

Liebliche Lüge?: Philip Roth's "Looking at Kafka"
Daniel Medin

Kmen: A Faraway Magazine About Which We Know Nothing
Anne Jamison

Barbarian Encounters: Rethinking Barbarism in C. P. Cavafy's and J. M. Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians
Maria Boletsi

The Politics of Blood and Soil: Hannah Arendt, George Eliot, and the Jewish Question in Modern Europe
Monica O'Brien

With Rhyme and Reason: Yokomizo Seishi's Postwar Murder Mysteries
Sari Kawana

The Horror and the Pleasure of Un-English Fiction: Ida von Hahn-Hahn and Fanny Lewald in England
Gisela Argyle

From Jean de la Bruyère to John Aubrey and Beyond: The Development of Elias Cannetti's Character Sketches
John Pizer

Book Reviews
Haun Saussy, ed. Comparative Literature in an Age of Globalization
(Stephen Owen)

John Smith and Deborah Cohen, eds. Look Away! The U.S. South in New World Studies
(Sophia A. McClennen)

Yomi Braester. Witness Against History: Literature, Film and Public Discourse in Twentieth-Century China
(Q. Edward Wang)

Theodore Ziolkowski. Ovid and the Moderns
(Jason Brooks)

Denis Donoghue. Speaking of Beauty
(Richard Gilmore)

Isabelle De Courtivan. Lives in Translation: Bilingual Writers on Identity and Creativity
(Gunila Anderman)

Roberta Johnson. Gender and Nation in the Spanish Modernist Novel
(Edward H. Friedman)

Réda Bensmaïa. Experimental Nations Or, the Invention of the Maghreb
(Carole Sweeney)

William Burgwinkle. Sodomy, Masculinity, and Law in Medieval Literature
(Adam Miyashiro)

Brian T. Edwards. Morocco Bound: Disorienting America's Maghreb, from Casablanca to the Marrakech Express
(Allen Hibbard)

Rachel Feldhay Brenner. Inextricably Bonded: Israeli Arab and Jewish Writers Re-Visioning Culture
(Ranen Omer-Sherman)


VOL. 44, No. 3, 2007


Robert Musil's Other Postmodernism: Essayismus, Textual Subjectivity, and the Philosophical Discourse of Modernity
Mark M. Freed

Leo Spitzer and the Poetics of Monotheism
Bruce Rosenstock

Trying to Be on Both Sides of the Mirror at Once: I. A. Richards, Multiple Definition, and Comparative Method
Ming Xie

Translation as Collaborative Authorship: Margaret Tyler's The Mirrour of Princely Deedes and Knighthood
Deborah Uman and Belén Bistué

Book Reviews


Adélékè Adéèkó. The Slave's Rebellion: Fiction, History, Orature
(Khadidiatou Gueye)

Patricia D. Fox. Being and Blackness in Latin America: Uprootedness and Improvisation
(John M. Lipski)

H. Adlai Murdoch & Anne Donadey, eds. Postcolonial Theory and Francophone Literary Studies
(Thomas A. Hale)

Martha Jane Nadell. Enter the New Negroes: Images of Race in American Culture
(Timothy Cox)


Paul Giles. Virtual Americas: Transnational Fictions and the Transatlantic Imaginary
(Óscar Fernández)

Michael G. Levine. The Belated Witness: Literature, Testimony, and the Question of Holocaust Survival and
Stevan Weine. Testimony after Catastrophe: Narrating Traumas of Political Violence
(Michael Bernard-Donals)

Katarzyna Marciniak. Alienhood: Citizenship, Exile, and the Logic of Difference
(Lori Ween)

Mireille Rosello. France and the Maghreb: Performative Encounters
(Ziad Bentahar)

Juan E. Tazón Salces and Isabel Carrera Suárez, eds. Post/Imperial Encounters: Anglo-Hispanic Cultural Relations
(Luz Angélica Kirschner)


Craig A. Berry & Heather Richardson Hayton, eds. Translating Desire in Medieval and Early Modern Literature
(Michael Calabrese)

Hilaire Kalendorf. Exorcism and Its Texts: Subjectivity in Early Modern Literature of England and Spain
(Barbara H. Traister)

Janet Levarie Smarr. Joining the Conversation: Dialogues by Renaissance Women
(Marilyn Migiel)

Emily R. Wilson. Mocked with Death: Tragic Overliving from Sophocles to Milton
(Mykola Polyuha)


Susan Bernofsky. Foreign Words: Translator-Authors in the Age of Goethe
(Marilyn Gaddis Rose)

Inez Hedges. Framing Faust: Twentieth Century Cultural Struggles
(Bettina Mathes)

James K. Lyon. Paul Celan and Martin Heidegger: An Unresolved Conversation
(Ammon Allred)

Kirsten Blythe Painter. Flint on a Bright Stone: A Revolution of Precision and Restraint in American, Russian, and German Modernism
(Adrian Wanner)


Carla Benedetti. The Empty Cage: Inquiry into the Mysterious Disappearance of the Author
(Linda Hutcheon)

Eugene Eoyang. Borrowed Plumage: Polemical Essays on Translation
(Michael Cronin)

Walter Jost. Rhetorical Investigations: Studies in Ordinary Language Criticism
(Kenneth Dauber)

Steven Paul Scher. Essays on Literature and Music (1967-2004)
(Herbert S. Lindenberger)

David Scott. Semiologies of Travel: From Gautier to Baudrillard
(N. Christine Brookes)

Rebecca L. Walkowitz. Cosmopolitan Style: Modernism beyond the Nation
(Ross Posnock)

Jan Walsh Hokenson. The Idea of Comedy: History, Theory, Critique
(Bernard Freydberg)

Steven Pinker. The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature
(Eugene Eoyang)


Vol. 44, No. 4, 2007


The Vanishing Genre of the Nyai Narrative: Reading Genealogies of English and Indonesian Modernism
Chris GoGwilt

    Indian Karma Yogi in Saul Bellow's Mr. Sammler's Planet
    Sukhbir Singh

Attendants to the Duel: Classical Intertexts in Philippe Desportes's "Adieu à la Pologne" and Jan Kochanowski's "Gallo Crocitanti"
Rory Finnin

Strange Attractions: Sibling Love Triangles in Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! and Balzac's La Fille aux yeux d'or
David Walter

Book Reviews

    Sophia A. McClennen. The Dialectics of Exile: Nation, Time, Language, and Space in Hispanic Literatures
    (Maria Helena Rueda)

    Wendy Faris. Ordinary Enchantments: Magical Realism and the Remystification of Narrative
    (Janet A. Walker)

E. Joseph Sharkey. Idling the Engine: Linguistic Skepticism in and around Cortázar, Kafka, and Joyce, and
Michael Wood. Literature and the Taste of Knowledge
(John Fletcher)

Peter Day, ed. Vampires: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil
(Heide Crawford)

    Christoph Clausen. Macbeth Multiplied: Negotiating Historical and Medial Difference between Shakespeare and Verdi
    (Suddhaseel Sen)

    James H. Cox. Muting White Noise: Native American and European American Novel Traditions
    (Quentin Youngberg)

David Sedley. Sublimity and Skepticism in Montaigne and Milton
(Andrew Shifflett)

Vincente Rafael. The Promise of the Foreign: Nationalism and the Technics of Translation in the Spanish Philippines
(Thomas O. Beebee)


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