Penn State University


Volume 43

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VOL. 43, No. 1-2, 2006

In Memoriam--Alfred Owen Aldridge


A. Owen Aldridge Prize Winner 2005

To the Letter: The Material Text as Space of Adjudication in Pope's First Satire
Katherine Mannheimer

Nyama and Heka: African Concepts of the Word
Christopher Wise

The Tiger-Killing Hero and the Hero-Killing Tiger
Liangyan Ge

Luis Sepúlveda, Bruce Chatwin and the Global Travel Writing Circuit
Claire Lindsay

Blood and Witness: The Reception of Murder in the Cathedral in Postwar Germany
Elizabeth Däumer

"I of old contemptes complayne": Margaret of Anjou and English Seneca
M. L. Stapleton

The Fall of Tydeus and the Failure of Satan: Statius' Thebiad, Dante's Commedia, and Milton's Paradise Lost
George F. Butler

Sexual Imagery in the Verse Epistles of Robert Burns and Anna Louisa Karsch
Julie D. Prandi

Book Reviews
Michael Chapman, Southern African Literatures
(Gabeba Baderoon)

Kate Baldwin, Beyond the Color Line and the Iron Curtain: Reading Encounters Between Black and Red
(Olga Hasty)

Margaret W. Ferguson, Dido's Daughters: Literacy, Gender, and Empire in Early Modern England and France(William Kennedy)

Helena Michie and Ronald R. Thomas, eds., Nineteenth-Century Geographies: The Transformation of Space from the Victorian Age to the American Century
(Karen M. Morin)

Ralph Bauer, The Cultural Geography of Colonial American Literatures: Empire, Travel, Modernity
(Thomas Beebee)

Eduardo F. Coutinho, Literatura Comparada na América Latina: Ensaios
(Marguerite Itamar Harrison)

Eric Hayot, Chinese Dreams: Pound, Brecht, and Tel quel
(Alexander C. Y. Huang)

Patrick Cheney and Frederick A. de Armas, eds., European Literary Careers: The Author from Antiquity to the Renaissance
(Barbara Simerka)

Laura Hyun Yi Kang, Compositional Subjects: Enfiguring Asian/American Women
(Teresa Mok)

J. C. B. Petropouls, Eroticism in Ancient and Medieval Greek Poetry
(Daniel Berman)

Ian Ker, The Catholic Revival in English Literature, 1845-1961
(Mark Bosco)

Gerald Gillespie, Proust, Mann, Joyce in the Modernist Context
(John Neubauer)

Eric Prieto, Listening In: Music, Mind, and the Modernist Narrative
(Stephen Benson)

V. Ulea, A Concept of Dramatic Genre and the Comedy of a New Type: Chess, Literature, and Film
(Donald Rayfield)

Sarah Annes Brown, The Metamorphosis of Ovid: From Chaucer to Ted Hughes
(Betty Rose Nagle)

Edna Andrews, Conversations with Lotman: Cultural Semiotics in Language, Literature, and Cognition
(Han-liang Chang)


VOL. 43, No. 3, 2006

Special Issue: Classics and Contemporary Literature/Culture/Theory
Guest Editors: Paul Allen Miller and Steven Shankman

Oedipus in the Accusative
Miriam Leonard

Polymetis Freud: Some Reflections on Psychoanalytic Significance of Homer's Odyssey
Dany Nobus

The "Inconceivable Happiness" of "Men and Women": Visions of an Other World in Plato's Apology of Socrates
Claudia Baracchi

Rewriting the Speech of Alcibiades: Platonic Echoes of Erotic Desire in Kundera's "Symposium"
Zina Giannopolou

Propertius and the Gendered Rhetoric of Luxury and Empire: A Reading of 2.16
Lowell Bowditch

Mimesis and 興Xing, Two Modes of Viewing Reality: Comparing English and Chinese Poetry
Cecile Chu-chin Sun

The Monkey King in the American Canon: Patricia Chao and Gerald Vizenor's Use of an Iconic Chinese Character
J. Stephen Pearson


Vol. 43, No. 4, 2006
Special Issue: Don Quixote and 400 Years of World Literature

In Memoriam--Tania Fanco Carvalhal


What Don Quixote Means (Today)
Robert Bayliss

Marcel and Grisóstomo in French Garb: Le Meurtre de la fidélité
Salvador J. Fajardo

Counterdefinitions of Relaity: Translating the World in Don Quijote de la Mancha
Álvaro Ramírez

Reading Cervantes: A New Virtual Reality
John Beusterien

Tiny (Erasmian) Dagger or Large Poniard?: Metonymy vs. Metaphor in the Cave of Montesinos Episode in Don Quixote
Judith Stallings-Ward

Quixotes, Precepts, and Galateas: The Didactic Novel in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Sarah Raff

Don Quixote de Yoknapatawpha: Cervantine Comdey and the Bakhtinian Grotesque in William Faulkner's Snopes Triology
Brittany R. Powell

Sancho Panza, Illiterate Literary Critic, and the Unmasking of Generic Conventions in Don Quixote
William Worden

Smiles and Laughter in Don Quixote
John J. Allen

Book Reviews

James A. Parr, Don Quixote, Don Juan, and Related Subjects: Form and Tradition in Spanish Literature, 1330-1630
(Denise DiPuccio)

James A. Parr, Don Quixote: A Touchstone for Literary Criticism
(Denise DiPuccio)

David Quint, Cervantes's Novel of Modern Times: A New Reading of Don Quijote,
Frederick A. de Armas, ed., Ekphrasis in the Age of Cervantes, and
Roberto González Echeverría, Love and the Law in Cervantes
(Shannon Polchow)

María Antonia Garcés, Cervantes in Algiers: A Captive's Tale
(Bradley J. Nelson)