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Volume 35

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VOL. 35, No. 1, 1998

The Outsider Within: Importing Alessandro Manzoni's Lettre à M.C*** sur les unités de temps et de lieu dans la tragèdie
Susanna F. Ferlito

G. B. Shaw's Plays on the Chinese Stage: The 1991 Production of Major Barbara
Wendi Chen

A. Owen Aldridge Essay Contest Winner
Allegorical Dismemherrnent and Rescue in Book III of The Faerie Queene
Mary Frances Fahey

Review Essay
Desperately Seeking The Classic
Charles Martindale

Book Reviews
James L. Kastely, Rethinking the Rhetorical Tradition: Plato to Postmodernism
(Jeffrey Walker)

Christine Froula, Modernism's Body: Sex, Culture, and Joyce
(Charles Altieri)

Julia Reinhard Lupton, The Afterlives of the Saints: Hagiography, Typology, and Renaissance Literature
(Lauren Silberman)

VOL. 35, No. 2, 1998
East-West Issue with Nihon University

Japanese Urban Space and the Citation of Western Signs
Rolf J. Goebel

The Poetics of Purgatory: A Consideration of Yeat's Use of Nob, Form
Hae-Kyung Sung

The Reality of Pregnancy and Motherhood for Women: Tsushima Yuko's Choji and Margaret Drabble's The Millstone
Yoshiko Enomoto

National Identity in Yokomitsu's Ryoshu and James's Ambassadors
Masayuki Akiyama

The Liberation of Women in Works Retold by Lafcadio Hearn
Junko Umemoto

A Study of Japanese Reception of Dora Thorne Adapted Stories in the Meiji Era
Yoko Matsui

On the Historicity of the Tao Te Ching
Hsiu-chen Chang

Eroticism or Motherhood: A Cross-Cultural Study on the Fantasy of Motherhood
Junko Saeki

Review Essay
What's In a Name? Earl Miner and the Travels of Basho and Johnson
D. W. Kenning

Sukehiro Hirakawa, ed., Rediscovering Lafcadio Hearn: Japanese Legends, Life, and Culture
Ted Goossen

Adam Makkai, ed., In Quest of the "Miracle Stag": The Poetry of Hungary
Audrey Lumsden-Kouvel

Deirde Lynch and William B. Warner, eds., Cultural Institutions of the Novel
Bettina L. Knapp

VOL. 35, No. 3, 1998

Literary Women, Fiction, and Marginalization: Nicolette and Shuangqing
SunHee Kim Gertz and Paul S. Ropp

Elsa Triolet's Le Cheval blanc as a French bylina
Lorene M. Birden

Solitude and Procreation in Francis Bacon's Scientific Writings: The Spanish Connection
José María Rodríguez García

Book Reviews
M. L. Stapleton, Harmful Eloquence: Ovid's Amores from Antiquity to Shakespeare
(Christopher Martin)

E. Valentine Daniel and Jeffrey M. Peck, eds., C ulture/Contexture: Expforations in Anthropology and Literary Studies
(Susan J. Terrio)

Robin Kirkpatrick, English and Italian Literature from Dante to Shakespeare: A Study of Source, Analogue, Divergence
(Sherry Roush)

Claude Bremond, Joshua Landy, Thomas Pavel, eds., Thematics: New Approaches
(J. E. Elliott)

Frederick Burwick, Poetic Madness and the Romantic Imagination
(Paul Youngquist)

VOL. 35, No. 4, 1998

The Colonization of Paradise: Milton's Pandemonium and Montezuma's Tenochtitlan
Rodger Martin

Naturalist Metaphor of Destruction or Impressionist Panorama? A Re-evaluation of Georg Hermann's Berlin Novel Kubinke
Godela Weiss-Sussex

Ellen McLaughlin's Iphigenia and Other Daughters: A Classical Trilogy from a Contemporary Perspective
Robert J. Andreach

Dystopian Intertexts: Dickens' Hard Times and Zamiatin's We
Philip Rogers

Book Reviews
Marie Tanner, The Last Descendant of Aeneas: The Hapsburgs and the Mythic Image of the Emperor
(Anne Lake Prescott)

Ferial Ghazoul, The Arabian Nights in Comparative Context
(Stephen Belcher)

Stefania Buccini, The Americas in Italian Literature and Culture, 1700-1825
(Francesca Savoia)