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Volume 32

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VOL. 32, No. 1, 1995

The Uses of Conversation: Moderata Fonte and Edmund Tilney
Janet Levarie Smarr

Ivan Turgenev's Rudin and Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness: A Parallel lnterpretation
Reuel K. Wilson

Author(ity) and Constructions of Actress in the Drama of Pirandello and Genet
Mary Ann Frese Witt

Book Reviews
Reed Way Dansenbrock, Imitating the Italians: Wyatt, Spenser, Synge, Pound, Joyce
(Ernesto Livorni)

John S. Tanner, Anxiety in Eden: A Kierkegaardian Reading of Paradise Lost
(Dayton Haskin)

Charles D. Minahen, Vortex/t: The Poetics of Turbulence
(Georg M. Gugelberger)

Susan Sniader Lanser, Fictions of Authority: Women Writers and Narrative Voice
(Michal Peled Ginsburg)

Matei Calinescu, Rereading
(Lilian R. Furst)

René Wellek, A History of Modern Criticism 1750-1950 Volume 8: French, Italian, and Spanish Criticism 1900-1950
(Joseph P. Strelka)

Gordon Brotherston, Book of the Fourth World
(Earl E. Fitz)

Charles Bernstein, A Poetics
(André Lefevere)

Bruce Krajewski, Traveling with Hermes: Hermeneutics aud Rhetoric
(Joel Weinsheimer)

Pamela Joseph Benson, The Invention of the Renaissance Woman: The Challenge of Female Independence in the Literature and Thought of Italy and England
(Jane Tylus)

Timothy Bahti, Allegories of History: Literary Historiography after Hegel
(Eva Geulen)

Eileen Julien, African Novels and the Question of Orality
(George Lang)

Adeline R. Tinter, The Cosmopolitan World of Henry James: An Intertextual Study
(John Rurt Foster, Jr.)

Esther Rashkin, Family Secrets an the Psychoanalysis of Narrative
(Lawrence R. Schehr)

Mark Edmundson, Towards Reading Freud: Self-Creation in Milton, Wordsworth, Emerson, and Sigmund Freud
(John Neubauer)

VOL. 32, NO. 2, 1995
Colloquium in Medival and Early Modern Romance Literatures

David Rollo

Plurilingualism, Hermericism, and Love in Medieval Poetics
Michel Zink

Alexis, Rolaud, and French Poésie Nationale
Karl Uitti

Dante and the Two Canons: Statius in Virgil's Footsteps (Purgatorio 21 -30)
Ronald Martinez

The Dark Side of Myth in Camiões' Frail Bark
Marina Brownlee

Benoit de Sainte~Maure's Roman de Troie: Historiography, Forgery, and Fiction
David Rollo

From Amazon to Court Lady: Generic Hybridization in Boccaccio's Teseida
Carla Freccero

Christine de Pizan's Canonical Authors: The Special Case of Boccaccio
Kevin Brownlee

Jehan et Blonde and The Exemplaty Hero
Andrea Tarnowski

Confessing Incests: Legal Erasures and Literary Celebrations in Medieval France
Kathryn Gravdal

Reading Tasso Reading Vergil Reading Homer: An Archeology of Andromache
Walter Stephens

Contesting Romance Influence: The Poetics of the Gift
Sarah Kay

VOL. 32, No. 3, 1995

Bait for the Imagination: Danac and Consummation in Petrarch and Heywood
Mary Bly

Aimé Césaire's Reworking of Shakespeare: Anticolonialist Discourse in Une Tempête
Laurence M. Porter

Monastic Thrillers: Detecting Postmodernity in the Middle Ages
Werner Wuderlich

A. Owen Aldridge Prize Winner
Enlightenment's Other in Patrick Süskind's Das Parfum: Adorno and the Ineffable Utopia of Modern Art
Bradley Butterfield

Book Reviews
Willis Barnstone, The Poetics of Translation
(Andrê Lefevere)

Gloria Flaherty, Shamanism and the Eighteenth Century
(Karl J. Fink)

Gianni Vattimo, The Transparent Soociety
(Ronald Bogue)

Robert Crunden, American Salons: Encounters with European Modernism, 1885-1917
(Alex Zwerdling)

Mario Valdés, Daniel Javitch, and A. Owen Aldridge eds., Comparative Literature as Discourse: In Honor of Anna Balakisn
(Ulrich Weisstein)

Jennifer Bloomer, Architecture and the Text: The (S)crypts of Joyce and Piranesi
(Bernard Benstock)

John Neubaner, The Fin-de-Siècle Culture of Adolescence
(Gary Handwerk)

André Lefevere, Translating Literature: Practice and Theory in a Comparative Literature Context
(Marilyn Gaddis Rose)

Barbara J. Webb, Myth and History in Caribbean Fiction: Alejo Carpentier, Wilson Harris and Édouard Glissant
(George Lang)

VOL. 32, NO. 4, 1995

The Dark Wood and the Dark Word in Dante's Commedia
Lawrence Warner

The Postutopian Subject in Soviet and East German Postmodernisrn: Andrei Bitov and Christa Wolf
Sven Spieker

Critifictional Epistemes in Contemporary Literature: The Case of Foucault's Peudulum
Norma Bouchard

Ruskin and Laforgue: Visual-Verbal Dialectics and the Poetics/Politics of Montage
Alexandra K. Wettlaufer

Book Reviews
Wolfgang Iser, The Fictive and the Imaginary: Charting Literary Anthropology
(Robert Daly)

Tom Paulin, Minotaur: Poetry and the Nation State
(Sanford Schwartz)

Susan Derwin, The Ambivalence of Form: Lukács, Freud, and the Novel
(Ewa Plonowska Ziarek)

Winfried Schleiner, Melancholy, Genius, aud Utopia in the Renaissance
(Elizabeth McCutcheon)

Frédéric Regard, Ed., Logique des Traverses: De l'Influence. Recherche en Histoire des Idées
(Hanna Charney)

Karl Weil, Androgyny aud the Denial of Difference
(Lauren Silberman)

Jean-Pierre Barricelli, Joseph Gibaldi, and Estela Lauter, Teaching Literature aud Other Arts
(Ingeborg Hoesterey)