Penn State University


Volume 29

VOL. 29, NO. 1, 1992

The Honourable Cuckold: Models of Masculine Defence
Mark I. Millington and Alison S. Sinclair

Imagining the Future: Mercier's L'An 2440 and Morris' News from Nowhere
Gregory Ludlow

The Emersonian Proust
Everett Carter

Jacques and His Master: Kundera's Dialogue with Diderot
Christine Kiebuzinska

Williams, Enzensberger, and Recent German Poetry
Charlotte Melin

Book Reviews
Mark J. Temmer, Samuel Johnson and Three Infidels: Rousseau, Voltoire, Diderot
(John Neubauer)

Samuel R. Levin, Metaphoric Worlds: Conceptions of a Romantic Nature
(Timothy Bahti)

Romantic Irony, ed. Frederick Garber
(Patricia Merivale)

Nancy K. Miller, Subject to Change: Reading Feminist Writing
(Linda Kauffman)

Virgil Nemoianu, A Theory of the Secondary: Literature Progress and Reaction
(André Lefevere)

VOL. 29, No. 2,1992

The Essential Characteristics of Russian Literary Criticism
René Wellek

The Blood that Fury Breathed: The Shape of Justice in Aeschylus and Shakespeare
Marty Roth

Narrative Subversion in the Naturalist Novel: Three Novels of the 1880's
Diane M. Smith

An Indian Reading of Murder in the Cathedral
N. Eakambaram

Self and Other: Christa Wolf's Patterns of Childhood and Primo Levi's Se Questo e un Uomo as Dialogic Texts
Gail Gilliland

Book Reviews
Penelope Reed Doob, The Idea of the Labyrinth from Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages
(James J. O' Donnell)

Stephanie H. Jed, Chaste Thinking: The Rape of Lucretia and the Birth of Humanism
(Elizabeth J. Bellamy)

Michale Worton and Judith Still eds., Intertextuality
(André Lefevere)

VOL. 29, NO. 3, 1992

Life as an Opera: Dam Casmurro and The Floating Opera
Maria José Somerlate Barbosa

Elective Affinities: Christa Wolf's Storfall and Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness
Dieter Saalmann

Au Service de l'ordre: Paul Bourget and the Critical Response to Decadence in Austria and Germany
J. C. Fewster

The Paralyzed and the Dead: A Comparative Readingof  The Dead and In a Tavern
Xiaoling Yin

A. Owen Aidridge Prize Winner
Deconstruction and Taoism: Comparisons Reconsidered
Hongchu Fu

Book Reviews
Theresa M. Krier, Gazing on Secret Sights: Spenser, Classical Imitation, and the Decorum of Vision
(Judith H. Anderson)

Ralph A. Nablow, The Addisonian Tradition in France: Passion and Objectivity in Social Observation
(Richard L. Frautschi)

Henry Sussman, Afterimages of Modernity: Structure and Indifference tn Twentieth-Century Literature
(Gary Handwerk)

J. Hillis Miller, Versions of Pygmalion
(Deborah A. Harter)

VOL. 29, No. 4, 1992

Translation as Allegory: Yves Bonnefoy's La Tragédie d'Hamlet
Romy Heylen

Land of the Solar Androgyne: The Russian Symbolist K. D. Bal'mont as Poet-Ethnographer of Ancient Egypt
Martin Bidney

Peninsular Art: A Context for a Comparative Study of Goethe and Joyce
David Barry

A Wildman Between Two Cultures: Some Paradigmatic Remarks on Influence Studies
Xiaomei Chen

Lawrence's Auto da fé: The Grand Inquisitor in The Plumed Serpent
Philip Sicker

Book Reviews
Shimon Sandbank, After Kafka: The Influence of Kafka's Fiction
(Arnold Weinstein)

Jewel Spears Brooker and Joseph Bentley, Reading the Waste Land: Modernism and the Limits of Interpretation
(Barbara Malinowska)

Monique Yaari, Ironie paradoxale et ironie poétique: vers une théorie de l'ironie moderne sur les traces de Gide dans Paludes
(Laurence M. Porter)

Bettina L. Knapp, Machine, Metophor, and the Writer: A Jungian View
(Clifford Hallam)

Andrew Gibson, Reading Narrative Discourse: Studies in the Novel from Cervantes to Beckett
(Michal Peled Ginsburg)