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Volume 27

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VOL. 27, NO. 1, 1990
Special Issue: What is Philology?

What is Philology: Introduction
Jan Ziolkowski

Wendell Clausen

The Case for Medieval Philology
Eckehard Simon

What is Philology?
Calvert Watkins

Philology: What is at Stake?
Barbara Johnson

Thoughts on Celtic Philology and Philologists
John T. Koch

Death of a Schoolboy: The Early Greek Beginning of a Crisis in Philology
Gregory Nagy

Anti-Foundational Philology
Jonathan Culler

Greek Philology: Diversity and Difference
Margaret Alexiou

Philology as Subversion: The Case of Afro-America
Carolivia Herron

Past and Future in Classical Philology
Richard F. Thomas

Philology's Discontents: Response
Stephen Owen

Book Reviews
Franco Moretti, The Way of the World: The Bildungsroman in European Culture
(Michal Peled Ginshurg)

Claudia J. Brodsky, The Imposition of Form: Studies in Narrative Representation and Knowledge
(Lawrence R. Schehr)

Alan Warren Friedman, Charles Rossman, and Dina Sherzer, eds., Beckett Translating / Translating Beckett
(Deirdre Bair)

Judith Marcus, Georg Lukács and Thomas Mann: A Study in the Sociology of Literature
(Beth Sharon Ash)

Clayton Koelb and Virgil Lokke, eds., The Current in Criticism
(Andre Lefevre)

VOL. 27, NO. 2, 1990

Blifil as Tartuffe: The Dialogic Comedy of Tom Jones
James E. Evans

Borges and Swift: Dystopian Reflecrions
Annette Leddy

Machismo and Androgyny in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Brazilian and American Novels
Cotarina Edinger

Exorcising Faustus from Africa: Wole Soyinka's The Road
K. J. Phillips

Nothing: Reading Paul Celan's "Engführung"
Aris Fioretos

Book Reviews
Neil Forsyth, The Old Enemy: Satan and the Combat Myth
(William L. Moran)

Ann Baynes Coiro, Robert Herrick's Hesperides and the Epigram Book Tradition
(Gordon Braden)

Celeste M. Schenck, Mourning and Panegyric: The Poetics of Pastoral Ceremony, and Rohin Magowan, Narcissus and Orpheus: Pastoral in Sand, Fromentin, Jewett, Alain-Fournier and Dinesen
(Alan S. Trueblood)

Christopher Norris, Derrida
(Mary Ann Caws)

Anne K. Mellor, eds., Romanticism and Feminism
(Mary Ann Caws)

Douwe Fokkema and Elrud Ibsch, Modernist Conjectures: A Mainstream in European Literature, 1910-1940
(Mary Ann Caws)

Elizabeth Dipple, The Unresolvable Plot: Reading Contemporary Fiction
(Brian Stonehill)

Adrian Marino, Comparatisme et théorie de la littérature
(Andre Lefevere)

VOL. 27, NO. 3, 1990

Dante, Milton: The Art of Visual Speech
Richard J. Durocher

Colin and Orphic Interpretation: Reading Neoplatonically on Spenser's Acidale
Elizabeth J. Bellamy

The Woman Figure in Blake and the Idea of Shakti in Indian Thought
K. D. Venna

One of the Great Early Counselors: The Influence of Franz Kafka on William S. Burroughs
Adam Meyer

The White Hotel and the Traditions of Ring Composition
Krin Gabbard

Book Reviews
Rocco Montano, Dante's Thought and Poetry
(Janet Levarie Smarr)

Clayton Koelb and Susan Noakes, eds., The Comparative Perspective on Literature
(Earl E. Fitz)

Geoffrey H. Hartman and Sanford Budick, eds., Midrash and Literature
(Ian Balfour)

VOL. 27, NO. 4, 1990

Spenser, the Antiquitez de Rome, and the Development of the English Sonnet Form
M. L. Stapleton

Phaethon, Persephone, and A Room with a View
Philip C. Wagner Jr.

Nahokov and Strachey
G. Diment

The Problem of the Subject in Africanist Discourse: Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Camus' The Renegade
Mona Fayad

Intertextuality and the Question of Origins: AJapanese Perspective
Jean Yamasaki Toyama

Book Reviews
Gerald Gillespie, Garden and Labyrinth of Time: Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Literature
(Barton W. Browrung)

David Michael Levin, The Opening of Vision
(Thomas O. Beebee)

János Riesz, Peter Boerner, and Bernhard F. Scholz, eds., Seusus Communis: Contemporary Trends in Comparative Literature. Panorama de la situation actuelle en Littérature Comparée. Festscrift für Henry Remak
(Kenneth Craven)

Bert O. States, The Rhetoric of Dreams
(Julian Palley)

William R. Paulson, The Noise of Culture: Literary Texts in a World of Information
(John Neubauer)