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Volume 25

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VOL. 25, NO. 1, 1988

Sappho's Apples: The Allusiveness of Blushes in Ovid and Beaumont
T.M. Krier

Spenser and Ariosto: Funny Peril and Comic Chaos
Lauren Silberman

Homeric Similes, Occidental and Oriental: Tasso, Milton, and Bengal's Michael Madhusudan Dutt
Clinton B. Seely

Shelley in the Mind of the Russian Symbolist Bal'mont: Six Kinds of Influence and Appropriation
Martin Bidney

A Frenchman's Chinese Dream: The Long-Lost Village in Victor Segalen's Equipée
Yvonne Y. Hsieh

Book Reviews
Stephen W. Milville, Philosopy Beside Itself: On Deconstruction and Modernism
(David Simpson)

Bruce Morrissette, Novel and Film: Essays in Two Genres
(Ben Stoltzfus)

Alexandra Aldridge, The Scientific World in Distopia
(Koon-ki T. Ho)

Gregory L. Ulmer, Applied Grammatology: Post(e)-Pedagogy from Jacques Derrida to Joseph Beuys
(Clayton Koelb)

Edward Wasiolek, ed., Critical Essays on Tolstoy 
(Greta N. Slobin)

VOL. 25, NO. 2, 1988

Realism and its Code of Accreditation
Lilian R. Furst

Sterne, Cervantes, Montaigne: Fideistic Skepticism and the Rhetoric of Desire
Donald R. Wehrs

Classical Poetry in China and England: A Comparison of Formal Stylistics
Wan Liu

Aesthetic Records: A Comparison of Max Frisch's Tagebuch 1946-1949 and the Diary of Kenko Essays in Idleness
Evelyn Moore

Book Reviews
Malcolm South, ed., Mythical and Fabulous Creatures: A Sourcebook and Research Guide  
(Jan Ziolkowski)

Murray Roston, Renaissance Perspectives in Literature and the Visual Arts
(David Evett)

David Michael Hertz, The Untuning of the Word: The Musico- Literary Poetics of the Symbolist Movement
(Lawrence Kramer)

 Jonathan Arac, ed., Postmodernism and Politics
(Barbara Foley)

VOL. 25, NO. 3, 1988

The Reception of George Sand in Spain
Penny Brown

Down and Out in Paris, London, and Oslo: Pounding the Pavement with Kunt Hamsun and George Orwell
Dolores Buttry

Surrealism and Breton's Textes Soluble: An Index to Modernism
Scott Simpkins

Narration as Salvation: Textual Ethics of Michel Tournier and John Barth
Katherine C. Kurk

Book Reviews
Ronald R. Macdonald, The Burial Places of Memory: Epic Underworlds in Vergil, Dante, and Milton
(Ralph Waterbury Condee)

Mary E. Barnard, The Myth of Apollo and Daphne from Ovid to Quevado: Love, Agon and the Grotesque
(Frederick A. de Armas)

John Bishop, Joyce's Book of the Dark: Finnegans Wake
(Michael H. Begnal)

Michael Seidel, Exile and the Narrative Imagination
(Maria A. Salgado)

Gerald Graff, Professing Literature: An Institutional History
(Lilian R. Furst)

VOL. 25, NO. 4, 1988

Translation as Transformation: Olivier de La Marche's Le Chevalier délibere and its Hapsburg and Elizabethan Permutations
Susie Speakman Sutch and Anne Lake Prescott

Waiting and Disenchantment in Contemporary Francophone African Fiction
Godwin Okebaram Uwah

The Orphan of the Houe Zhao in French, English, German, and Hong Kong Literature
Adrian Hsia

Proustian Time and Modern Drama: Beckett, Brecht, and Fugard
Edward S. Brinkley

Book Reviews
Leonard Barkan, The Gods Made Flesh: Metamorphosis & the Pursuit of Paganism
(James V. Mirollo)

Jefferson Humphries, The Puritan and the Cynic: Moralists and Theorists in French and American Letters, and Gay Wilson Allen and Roger Asselineau, St. John de Crèvecoeur: The Life of an American Farmer
(James C. Austin)