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Volume 22

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Vol. 22, No. 1, 1985

Wakamatsu Shizuko and Li tle Lord Fauntleroy
Yoshiko Takita

A Survey of Japanese Immigrant-Emigrant Literature
Matoshi Fujisawa

Hamlet, Polonius, and Ophelia in Meiji Japan
Saburo Sato

Ishikawa Takuhoku and the EarlyRussian Revolutionary Movement
Yuktnori Iwaki

James and Nanboku: A Comparative Study of Supernatural Stories in the West and East
Masayuki Akiyama

Higuchi Ichiyo: A Literature of Her Own
Margaret Mitsutani

Yone Noguchi's Poetry: From Whitman to Zen
Yoshinobu Hakutani

Kenzaburo Oe: A New World of Imagination
Sanroku Yoshida

Almanzor and Coxinga: Drama West and East
Margaret Berry

Hermann Hesse's "Der Dichter": The Artist/Sage as Vessel Dissolving Paradox
Patricia J. Howard

Baudelaire in China
Gloria Bien

The Trojan and the Hegemon; or, the Culture Hero as Slave of Duty
Dore J. Levy

Creative Imitation: Hung Shen 's Cultural Translation of Eugene O'Neill's The Emperor Jones
Carolyn T. Brown

Tayeb Salih and Conrad
Mohammad Shaheen

Vol. 22, No. 2, 1985

To play the man well and duely: Role-playing in Montaigne and Jacobean Drama
Joan Lord Hall

Some Shakespearian Reminiscences in Garcia Lorca's Drama
Andrew A. Anderson

Pheips, Browning, Schopenhauer and Music
Apryl Lea Denny Heath

Valle-Inclán's Sonata de otoño: Refractions of a French Anarchist
Noël M. Valis

O'Neill and Hauptmann: A Study in Mutual Admiration
Ward B. Lewis

Archetypal Worlds Reappraised: The French Lieutenant's Woman and Le Grand Meaulnes
Deborah Guth

Disclaiming Authorial Originality: The Negotiation of Textuality in Two African Texts
Tijani El-Miskin

Book Reviews
Giovanni Boccaccio, Decameron
(Janet Levarie Smarr)

José Simón Díaz, Bibliografia de la literatura hispánica, Vol. XII
(Joseph L. Laurenti)

Robert Neslon, Pascal: Adversary and Advocate
(Sara E. Melzer)

Katherine M. Rogers, Feminism in Eighteenth-Century England
(Caroline Wellbery)

Maria Teresa Marcialis, Filosofta e psicologia animale da Rorario a Leroy
(Alfred J. Bingham)

André Monnier, Un publiciste frondeur sous Catherine II: Nicolas Novikov
(Barbara Maggs)

John J. Conlon, Walter Pater and the French Tradition
(Ruth Z. Temple)

Jean-Claude Carriere and Guy Bechtel, Dictionnaire de la bêtise
(W. D. Redfern)

Paola Placella Sommella, Marcel Proust e i movimenti d'avanguardia
(Ariane Lissen)

Seymour Menton, Magic Realism Rediscovered. 1918-1981
(David Scrase)

Burton Pike, The Image of the City in Modern Literature
(Alexander Gelley)

KUSHNER: Actes du Colloque international: Renouvellements dans la théorie de l'histoire littéraire / Proceedings of the International Colloquium: Renewals in the Theory of Literary History
(François Jost)

Vol. 22, No. 3, 1985

Fantasy and Reality in Fictional Convents of the Eighteenth Century
Katharine M. Rogers

Scott and Sand: Novelists of the Rustic
George Yost

The Aeolian Harp Reconsidered: Music of Unfulfilled Longing in Tjutchev, Mörike, Thoreau, and Others
Martin Bidney

Madame Bovary and Flags in the Dust: Flaubert's Influence on Faulkner
Phillip Cohen

The First Inter-American Novels: Some Choices and Some Comments
Earl E. Fitz

By Underground to Crystal Palace: The Dystopian Eden
Efraim Sicher

To Sing the Song, To Tell the Tale: A Study of Toni Morrison and Simone Schwarz
Josie P. Campbell

Vol. 22, No. 4, 1985

A Baroque Study of Montaigne: Italian Humanism and the Essay
Giancarlo Maiorino

Madame de Stael and the Italian Articles of 1816
T. M. Pratt

The Romantic Form of the Sonnet and Sonata: Wordsworth and Hubert Parry
Peter Egri

Metamorphosis in Nietzsche and Its Sources in Satiric Fable
Richard Perkins

Gertrude Stein and German Letters: Received, Recovered, Revised
Charlotte Melin

Classical Mythology and the Western Film
Martin M. Winkler

Book Reviews
Hans Flesche, Geschichte der spanischen Literatur. Zweiter Band: Das goldene Zeitalter: Sechzehntes Jahrhundert
(A. Porqueras-Mayo)

Elias L. Rivers, Quixotic Scriptures: Essays on the Textuality of Hispanic Literature
(Daniel P. Testa)

Herman J. Real and Heinz J. Vienken, Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels
(Christopher S. Durer)

Otto Bohlmann, Yeats and Nietzsche: An Exploration of Major Nietzschean Echoes in the Writings of William Butler Yeats
(G. K. Blank)

Clayton Koelb, The Incredulous Reader: Literature and the Function of Disbelief
(Robert C. Holub)

Robert C. Holub, Reception Theory: A Critical Introduction
(Clayton Koelb)

Jeremy Hawthorne, Multiple Personality and the Disintegration of Literary Character: From Oliver Goldsmith to Sylvia Plath
(Emma Kafalenos)

Abby Wettan Kleinbaum, The War Against the Amazons
(Winfried Schleiner)

Judith L. Sensibar, The Origins of Faulkner's Art WILLIAM FAULKNER: Vision in Spring
(Robert Storey)

Giles Gunn, The Bible and American Art and Letters
(Kenneth R. R. Gros Louis)