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Volume 20

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VOL. 20, No. 1, 1983

Robert Bly's Poetry and the Haiku
Naoko Fuwa Thornton

Das Wort im Ost und West
Tsutomu Hasegawa

Images of the Absurd Life: Betsuyaku's Ido and Beckett's En attendant Godot
John T. Dorsey

What T.S. Eliot Meant to Ayukawa Nobuo
Tetsuya Taguchi

A Note on Hardy and Toson
Juro Suzuki

Egos vs. Relationships in James's Tile Golden Bowl and Soseki's Light and Darkness
Elizabeth Schultz and Fumiko Yamamoto

Dark Pit of the Past: Gide's 'mise en abyme' and Natsumc Soseki's Mon
K. R. Ireland

Citizens of a Lost Country: Kawabata's The Master of Go and James's "The Lesson of the Master"
Peter Barry

Whitman, Eliot, and the Bhagavadgita

Li Ch'ing-chao and Else Lasker-Schüler: Two Shattered Worlds
Pauline Yu

Metemsinopsychosis: Confucius and Ireland in Finnegans Wake
Cordell D. K. Yee

VOL. 20, No. 2, 1983

A Puzzling Literary Genre: Comparative Views of the Essay
Richard M. Citabourne

Leopardi and French Materialism
Daniela Bini

The Attack on Stage in Shakespeare's Time: An International Affair
David McPherson

Balzac and Otway's Venice Preserved
Diana Festa-McCormick

Chinese Nature Imagery in Williams' The Widow's Lament in Springtime
Vincent Yang

The Poetics of the War Novel
Chikwenye Okonjo-Ogunyemi

Heroic Defense: The Lost Positions of Nabokov's Luzhin and Kawabata's Shusai
William N. Rogers II

Bertolt Brecht in China and His Impact on Chinese Drama: A Preliminary Examination
Adrain Hsia

VOL. 20, No. 3, 1983

Viewing the West from the East: Solzhenitsyn, Milosz, and Kundera
Bruce Donahue

Africa and the West: Close Encounters of a Literary Kind
Thomas A. Hale

L’Ecole des filles and Its Italian Antecedents
Harold C. Knutson

The Problem of Expression in Rousseau, Wordsworth, and Flauber
Michael O'Dea

The Double Intuition of Borges/Wells
Enrique Sacerio-Gari

The Bilingualism of Elsa Triolet
Elizabeth Klosty Beaujour

An Inheritance of Poetic Referentiality
Lois Oppenheim

Book Reviews
J. H. E. Paine, Theory and Criticism of the Novella
(Henry H. H. Remak)

Manfrd Jurgensen, Das fiktonale Ich: Untersuchungen zum Tagebuch
(Katharina Mommsen)

Richard L. Predmore, Lorca's New York Poetry: Social Injustice, Dark Love, Lost Faith
(Edmund L. King)

Roy K. Gottfried, The Art of Joyce's Syntax in 'Ulysses'
(Shari Benstock)

Frederick Busi, The Transformations of Godot
(Ann Demaitre)

VOL. 20, No. 4, 1983

Nietzsche and Chamfort
Brendan Donnellan

Eliot's Debt to Keller: Silas Marner and Die drei gerechten Kammacher
James Diedrick

Objects, Poverty, and the Poet in Rilke and Cvetaeva
Patricia Pollock Brodsky

Toward a Greater Day: Lawrence, Rilke, and Immortality
Mitzi M. Brunsdale

Shakespeare in the Works of the Young Gutiérrez Nalera
Wendell Aycock

C. Day Lewis's Translation of Virgil's Aeneid: A "Living Contemporary Languaage"
Patrick Cheney

Book Reviews
Felix J. Oinas, Heroic Epic and Saga
(Peter N. Richardson)

Michael Booth, Prefaces to English Nineteenth-Century Theatre
(Peter Allan Dalei)

Frederick Garber, The Autonomy of the Self from Richardson to Huysmans
(Joel Black)

Randoplh Splitter, Proust's Recherche: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation
(Bernard Straus)

Bernard Straus, The Maladies of Marcel Proust: Doctors and Disease in His Life and Work
(Randolph Splitter)

Robert N. Mollinger Psychoanalysis and Literature
(Stephen A. Black)

Noriko Mizuta Lippit, Reality and Fiction in Modern Japanese Literature
(Barbara Thornbury)

Janet Todd, Women's Friendship in Literature
(Freda Mary Oben)

Ihab Hassan, The Right Promethean Fire: Imagination, Science, and Cultural Change
(Teresa L. Ebert)

D. A. Miller, Narrative and its Discontents: Problems of Closure in the Traditional Novel
(Erling B. Holtsmark)

Manfred Schmelling, Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft, Theorie und Praxis
(Katharina M. Wilsoni)