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Volume 16

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VOL. 16, No. 1, 1979

Teaching Literary Anti-Semitism: Dickens' Oliver Twist and Freytag's Soil und Haben
Mark Gelber

Rousseau and Tolstoy: Childhood and Confession
Margaret M. Bullitt

The Story of the Compromised Author: Parabasis in Friedrich Schiegel and Denis Diderot
Stephen Mautner

On Comparing Apples and Oranges: James Joyce and Thomas Pynchon
Sara M. Solberg

The Influence of Rimbaud on Max Ernst's Theory of Collage
Felice C. Ronca

H. D.: A Symbolist Perspective
Heather Rosario Sievert

Two Foursomes in The Blithedale Romance and Women in Love
Sandra Whipple Spanier

Self-Transforming Ironies in Swift's Tale of a Tub
Deborah Linderman

The Love Poems of The Wind Among the Reeds: A Circle Drawn around the Absolute Program
Joan Dayan

VOL. 16, No. 2, 1979

Cervantes and Virgil: A New Look at an Old Problem
Michael D. McGaha

The Orpheus Allusion in Evelina (1778) and La Peste
Eugene Hollahan

George Eliot and Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Hugh Witemeyer

The Quest for the Black Flower: Baudelairean and Mallarméan Inspirations in Stefan George's Algabal
Ursula Franklin

Professor Scouten on Herder and Vico
Sir Isaiah Berlin, OM

Molly Bloom and the Rhetorical Tradition
Joseph Voelker

Book Reviews
Murray Krieger, Theory of Criticism: A Tradition and System
(Norman Friedman)

Silvia Ruffo-Fiore, Donne's Petrarchism A Comparative View
(Mia Cocco)

Franz Bielaire, Erasme et ses Colloques
(Pearl J. Brandwein)

Sacvan Berovitch, The Puritan Origins of the American Self
(Everett Emerson)

Kurt Weinberg, The Figure of Faust in Valéry and Goethe
(H.R. Jann)

Stanley Sultan, Ulysses,The Waste Land,and Modernism
(Shari Benstock)

Michéle Maréchal-Trudel, Chateaubriand, Byron et Venise: Un Mythe contesté
(J. Robert Loy)

Robert J. Clements and Joseph Gibaldi, Anatomy of the Novella. The European Tale Collection from Boccaccio and Chaucer to Cervantes.
(Louise George Clubb)

Frederick Garber, Thoreau's Redemptive Imagination.
(Robert E. Abrams)

D[ouwe] W. Fokkema and Elrud Kunne-Ibsch, Theories of Literature in the Twentieth Century. Structuralism, Marxism, Aesthetics of Reception, Semiotics.
(Jeffrey Barnouw)

VOL. 16, No. 3, 1979

Hemingway's True Penelope: Flaubert 's L'Education Sentimentale and A Farewell to Arms
Edward Engelberg

The Intellectual Furictions of Gothic Fiction: Poe's Ligeia and Tieck's Wake Not the Dead
Paul Lewis

Infinite Absolute Negativity: Irony in Socrates, Kierkegaard and Kafka
Reed Merrill

Camus in the Soviet Union: Some Recent Emigrés Speak
Emily Tall

Alexandru Dutu and the History of Mentalities
Norman Simms

Reply to Norman Friedman
Murray Krieger

Book Reviews
Robert J. Clements, Comparative Literature as Academic Discipline: A Statement of Principles, Praxis and Standards
(Jean-Pierre Barricelli)

Hermann Josef Real, Jonathan Swift, The Battle of the Books Eine historisch-kritische Ausgabe mit literarhistorisch er Einleitung und Kommentar Quellen und Forschungen zur Sprach- und Kulturgeschichte der germanischer Völker, Neue Folge, herausgegeben von Stefan Sonderegger
(Ludwig Borinski)

Manuel Sito Alba, Montherlant et L'Espagne: Les Sources hispaniques de La Reine morte
(Roch Smith)

Mario J. Valdes and Owen J. Miller,Interpretation of Narrative
(Patricia Tobin)

George Steiner, On Difficulty and Other Essays
(Patrick Colm Hogan)

VOL. 16, No. 4, 1979

The Idea of Fame in Medieval Arabic Literature and Its Renaissance Parallels
Alauddin Samarrai

Descriptive Modes of Physical Beauty in Hispanó-Arabic Muwassahat and Romance Models
Dwayne E. Carpenter

Henry James's Reading of Flaubert
D. Seed

James, Renan, and the Religion of Consciousness
Sarah B. Daugherty

William Faulkner and Mario Vargas Llosa: The Election of Failure
Mary E. Davis

Stevens and Mallarmé
Robert Greer Cohn

Book Reviews
Maurice Friedberg, A Decade of Euphoria. Western Literature in Post-Stalin Russia, 1 954-64
(Robert A. Maguire)

Robert F. Storey, Pierrot, A Critical History of a Mask
(Naomi Ritter)

Hans Robert Jauss,Asthetische Erfahrung und literarische Hermeneutik, Band I: Versuche im Feld der asthetischen Erfahrung
(Kurt Weinberg)

Julien Hervier, Deux individus contre l'histoire: Pierre Drieu la Rochelle, Ernst Jünger
(Marc Hanrez)

John Boening, The Reception of Classical German Literature in England, 1760-1860 A Documentary History from Contemporary Periodicals
(David E. Wellbery)

Frank Kermode, The Genesis of Secrecy: on the Interpretation of Narrative
(Ulrich K. Goldsmith)

Joseph P. Strelka, Robert F. Bell, and Eugene Dobson, Protest Form - Tradition. Essays on German Exile Literature
(David Pike)