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Volume 15

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VOL. 15, No. 1, 1978
Special issue in Honor of Calvin S. Brown
Robert L. Henderson, Guest Editor

Dante's Mission
Chandler Beall

St. Thomas More and Music: Busleiden's Organ
Nan C. Carpenter

The Monolith of Romania: Myth or Reality?
Anna Balakian

Carl Maria von Weber's Tonkünslers Leben: The Composer as Novelist?
Steven Paul Scher

Hawthorne's Imagination and the Sacredness of the Common
Marion Montgomery

Exoticism in Romanticism
Henry H.H. Remak

Stephen Crane's Literary Origins and Tolstoy's Sebastopol
James B. Colvert

Toward a History of Modernism
David H. Malone

Edmund Wilson (1895-1972)
René Wellek

Collage, Montage, and Related Terms: Their Literal and Figurative Use in and Application to Techniques and Fornisin Various Arts
Ulrich Weisstein

America in Modern Literature: A Review
Harry Levin

VOL. 15, No. 2, 1978
Highlights of the Sixth Triennial Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association
Themes: Literature and Society, Literature and the Other Arts, East-West Relations

Welcoming Remarks
John E. Corbally

Exotic Curiosities and Mental Structures in a Colonial Novel
Roland Mortier

Chinese and Renaissance Artes Poeticae
D.W. Fokkema

East-West Communication and Cooperation
Heh-Hsaing Yuan

Irving Babbitt and Simone Weil
George Panichas

Parvenu Genre, Genre of Parvenus
John Fletcher

The Fictive Reader: Aesthetic and Social Aspects of Literary Performance
Lowry Nelson, Jr.

Aesthetic Consciousness of Landscape in Chinese and Anglo-American Poetry
Wai-Lim Yip

The Relation between the Certain and the True in Vico's Pragmatist Construction of Human History
Jeffrey Barnouw

VOL. 15, No. 3, 1978

The Rise of Aesthetics in the Eighteenth Century
Robert C. Holub

Winter Pastoral and Winter Reverie
Quentin M. Hope

Malamud in France
Steven G. Kellman

The Devil as Double in Nineteenth-Century Literature: Goethe, Dostoevsky, and Flaubert
Laurence M. Porter

Book Reviews
  Isaiah Berlin, Vico and Herder: Two Studies in the History of Ideas
(Arthur H. Scouten)

Christian K. Zacher, Curiosity and Pilgrimage: The Literature of Discovery in Fourteenth-Century England
(Percy Adams)

Fernande Saint-Martin, Samuel Bechett et l'univers de la fiction
(Stanley Gray)

Enid L. Duthie, The Foreign Vision of Charlotte Brontë
(Richard C. Tobias)

J.H. Matthews, Toward the Poetics of Surrealism
(Mary Ann Caws)

Anne Clissmann, Flann O'Brien: A Critical Introduction to His Writings
(Bernard Benstock)

Germán Colón,Die ersten romanischen und germanischen Überset zungen des Don Quixote (I. Teil, 16. Kapitel)
(Gerald Gillespie)

Robert Weimann, Structure and Society in Literary History. Studies in the History and Theory of Historical Criticism
(Louis Kampf)

VOL. 15, No. 4, 1978

Blood-On-The-Snow: The Development of a Motif
Phillip Mellen

Seneca Speaks in English: What the Elizabethan Translators Wrought
Frederick Kiefer

The Romantic Love Object: The Woman as Narcissistic Projection
James D. Wilson

Thomas Hardy and Friedrich Nietzsche: The Reasons
Eugene Williamson

Cut-Up:Negative Poetics in William Burroughs and Roland Barthes
Robin Lydenberg

Book Reviews
Henri Peyre, French Literary Imagination and Dostoevsky and Other Essays
(Jean-Pierre Cap)

Northrop Frye, The Secular Scripture. A Study in the Structure of Roamnce
(Barbara Nelson Sargent)

Arrigo Subiotto, Bertolt Brecht's Adaptions for the Berliner Ensemble
(James V. Wehner)

Ronald Primeau, Influx: Essays on Literary Influence
(David Kirby)

Steven J. Rosen, Samuel Beckett and the Pessimistic Tradition
(Melvin J. Friedman)

Harry R. Garvin, Phenomeology, Structuralism, Semiology
(Joseph Strelka)

Herbert Lindenberger, Historical Drama: the Relation of Literature and Reality
(Frank J. Warnke)

John W. Eadie, Classical Traditions in Early America
(J.A. Leo Lamay)