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Volume 14

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VOL. 14, No. 1, 1977

Science Fiction as Triviailiteratur Some Methodological Considerations
Luk De Vos

From Russian Formalism To French Structuralism
Fernande M. Degeorge

Natsume Soseki on Poe
Noriko M. Lippit

Caddy Dirparue Exploring an Episode Common to Proust and Faulkner
Phillip M. Weinstein

Depth Perception in the History of Painting: Ortega y Gasset and Jaensch
Nelson R. Orringer

The Impact of the New World On Modern African Literature
Samuel O. Asein

VOL. 14, No. 2, 1977

Literary Change and Multiple Duration
Claudio Guillén

The Impact of American Literature On French Writers
Roger Asselineau

Calsabigi's Vision of an Enlightened America
Luigi Chinatti

Tolstoy and the Economic Novels of William Dean Howells
Harry Walsh

Faulkner in Spain The Case of Elena Quiroga
Phyllis Z. Boring

Review Essay
Revue des revues The Case of Romania
(Francois Jost)

Book Reviews
F. R. Leavis, The Living Principle 'English' as a Discipline of Thought
(George A. Panichas)

Lorna Levant and Robert J. Clements, Renaissance Letters: Revelation of a World Reborn
(Vernon Hall)

Alastair Fowler, Conceitful Thought the Interpretation of English Renaissance Poems
(James V. Mirollo)

Martha Hale Shackford, Recent Studies on the Influence of Plutarch
(James A. Barthelmess)

VOL. 14, No. 3, 1977

Fonvizin's Nedoroslâ as a Russian Representative Of the Genre sérieux
David Patterson

Eugene Onegin: Product of or Challenge to Adolphe?
Sona S. Hoisington

Anna Karénine et Thérèse Desqueyroux: Parallèles
Natan Nevo

Mallarme and the Poetry of Innokenty Annensky: A Study of Surfaces and Textures
Richard Burns and M. Kotzamanidou

Richardson's Influence on the Concept of the Novel in Eighteenth-Century France
Lawrence W. Lynch

Marxism as Myth in Zola's Germinal
N.R. Cirillo

The Vogue of Omar Khayyám in America
Mukhtar Ali Isani

The Reception of Flaubert in Victorian England
Annie Rouxeville

VOL. 14, No. 4, 1977

Kokoro and Dynamis: A Comparative View of Traditional Japanese Poetics
Hiroko Morita

Was King Picrochole Free? Rabelais between Luther and Erasmus
Eva Kushner

Victor Hugo in Russia
Carole Karp

Beating Frenchmen into Swords: Symbolism in Denmark
David J. Mickelsen

Wendelin and the Theme of Transformation in Thomas Mann's Wälsungenblut
Christine Sjogren

The Companions of Kazantzakis: Nietzsche, Bergson and Zorba the Greek
Morton P. Levitt