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Volume 13

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VOL. 13, No. 1, 1976

Sterne and Piganiol de la Force: The Making of Volume VII of Tristram Shandy
Van R. Baker

The Dual Face of the Grotesque in Sterne's Tristram Shandy and Lenz's Der Waldbruder
Lilian R. Furst

Rimini Revisited: The Francesca Theme in Drama
Claude R. Flory

The Promethean Syndrome
James A. Harvie

Guillaume Apollinaire and the New York Avant-Garde
Willard Bohn

The No Drama as Tragedy
Chang S. Yun

Conrad, Goethe, and the German Grotesque
Peter Firchow

Book Reviews
Edwin S Ramage, Urbanitas Ancient Sophistication and Refinement
(Frederic C. Jaher)

Barbara Smalley, George Eliot and Flaubert: Pioneers of the Modern Novel
(Patricia Merivale)

Maud S. Walther, La Présence de Stendhal aux Etats-Unis, 1818-1920
(Catherine Trocard)

Cyrena N. Pondrom, The Road from Paris: French Influence on English Poetry, 1900-1920
(Lawrence D. Joiner)

Kurt Weinberg, On GIde's Prométhée-Private Myth and Public Mystification
(Christine M. Crow)

W.D. Redfern, Paul Nizan: Committed LIterature in a Conspiratoril World
(Alvin Eustis)

Hans Mayer, Steppenwolf and Everyman
(Ehrhard Bahr and Ruth G. Kunzer)

Kenneth Kinnamon, The Emergence of Richard Wright
(Michel Fabre)

C.B. Morris, Surrealism and Spain, 1920-1936
(Manuel Duran)

Drewey Wayne Gunn, Mexico in American British Letters
(Luis Leal)

Joseph P. Strlka, Literary Criticism and Sociology: Yearbook of Comparatibe Criticism, Volume V
(E. Bond Johnson, III)

George A. Panichas, The Reverent Discipline: Essays in Literary Criticism and Culture
(John W. Aldridge)

VOL. 13, No. 2, 1976
Special Bicentennial Issue: American Literature in World Opinion

The Discovery of America and European Renaissance Literature
Percy G. Adams

Comparing the Literatures: Or, What Happens When the American Dream Is Celebrated on Opposite Sides of the Fence
John Fletcher

Benjamin Franklin in Romanian Literature
Adrain Marino

Japanese Reception of American Literature Until World War II
Shunsuke Kamei

Some Notes on the Influence of American Authors upon Filipino Writers
Miguel A. Bernad

The Image of America in German Literature: A Neglected Field of American-German Literary Relations in Critical Retrospect
Hans K. Galinsky

VOL. 13, No. 3, 1976

Poema Pictura Loquens: Literary Pictorialism and The Psychology of Landscape
E. Allen McCormick

The Influence of Latin Poetics on Emily Dickinson's Style
Lois A. Cuddy

Hawthorne Transformed: Octavio Paz's La hija de Rappaccini
Richard C. Sterne

The Meaning of Caliban in Black Literature Today
Charlotte H. Bruner

The Literary Reputation of Langston Hughes in the Hispanic World
Edward J. Mullen

Book Reviews
IU. M Lotman, La Structure du texte artistique
(Walter Rewar)

Kimon Friar,  Modern Greek Poetry Translation, Introduction. An Essay on Translation and Notes
(John P. Anton)

Andre Lefevere, Translating Poetry: Seven Strategies and a Blueprint
(Marilyn G. Rose)

Arnold L. Weinstein, Vision and Response in Modern Fiction
(Marc Hanrez)

Robert Scholes,  Structural Fabulation: An Essay on Fiction of the Future
(Armine Kotin)

VOL. 13, No. 4, 1976

Literary Criticism on a Vase-Painting: A Clearer Picture of Euripides' Hippolytus
Jean J. Smoot

The Don Juan of Classical Arabia
Youssef Saad

The Influence of Flaubert's Salammbô on Mann's Joseph und seine Brüder
CLayton Koelb and Reena Spicehandler

Jefferson and Korais: The American Revolution and the Greek Constitution
Andrew S. Horton

Romance Motifs in Three Novels of Mark Twain
Louise Schleiner

The American Novel and the French Nouveau Roman: Some Linguistic and Stylistic Comparisons
Paula M. Clifford

Theology and Medicine in Rimbaud's Sonnet Voyelles
Henry Lubienski-Bodenham

Book Reviews
Sergio Moravia, Il Pensiero degli Idéologues: Scienza e filosofía in Francia
(Alfred J. Bingham)

Rocco Montano,Comprendere Manzoni
(Anne Paolucci)

Corrado Rosso,  Inventari e postille: Letture francesi, divagazioni europee
(Aldo Scaglione)