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Volume 12

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VOL. 12, No. 1, 1975

Le Conte du Graal and Sir Perceval of Galles
David C. Fowler

Two Baroque Devotional Poets: La Ceppède and Alabaster
Lance K. Donaldson-Evans

Figaro, fils naturel de Polly Baker? ou la Réhabilitation de Marceline
Agnes G. Raymond

Alice in France or Can Lewis Carroll Be Translated?
Peter Pickard

Hermann Broch Comparatist and Humanist
Joseph Strelka

Book Reviews
Francois Jost,  Introduction to Comparative Literature
(Henri Peyre)

Fredric Jameson, The Prison House of Language: A Critical Account of Structuralism and Russian Formalism
(James D. West)

Mark Morofrd, The Endless Fountain: Essays on Classical Humanism
(Charles Witke)

Aldo Scaglione, The Classical Theory of Composition from its Origins to the Present: A Historical Survey
(Thomas M. Greene)

Friedrich Gaede, Realismus von Brandt bis Brecht
(Philip Grundlehner)

Albert Béguin, Creation et destinée: Essais de critique littéraire
(J.H.E. Paine)

John Stokes, Resistible Theatres: Enterprise and Experiment in the Late 19th Century
(Stanley Weintraub)

VOL. 12, No. 2, 1975

Adaptations of Moliere-Lully's Le Bourgeois gentilhomme by Hofrnannsthal and Strauss
Jack M. Stein

Jón Porláksson's Translation of Klopstock's Der Messias
Wayne M. Senner

Arnold versus the Orient: Some Footnotes to a Disenchantment
Martin William R. Jarrett-Kerr

Continuity of Romantic Irony: Stein's Homage to Laforgue in Three Lives
Carl Wood

Book Reviews
Franklin W. Robinson and Stephen G, Nichols, The Meaning of Mannerism
(Antonio Illiano)

H. Ernest Lewald, The Cry of Home Cultural Nationalism and the Modern Writer
(Peter Boerner)

Richard Kuhns, Structures of Experience. Essays on the Affinity Between Philosophy and Literature
(Ronald Grimsley)

Paul De Man, Blindness and Insight Essays in the Rhetoric of Contemporary Criticism
(Peter Grotzer)

Walter A. Strauss,Descent and Return: The Orphic Theme in Modern Literature
(Eugene F. Timpe)

Sharon Spencer, Space, Time and Structure in the Modern Novel
(John Fletcher)

Paul Hernadi,Beyond Genre: New Directions in Literary Classification
(Ulrich Weisstein)

Raymond Williams, The Country & the City
(Frederic Cople Jaher)

Frederic Jameson, Marxism and Form: Twentieth Century Dialectical Theories of Literature
(Ehrhárd Bahr)

Roy MacGregor-Hastie, The Last Romantic Mihail Eminescu
(Adrian Marino)

VOL. 12, No. 3, 1975
Special Issue: Media and Society
Montage, Satire, and Cultism Between the Wars

Kurt Schwitters: A Portrait from Life
Katie Steinitz

George Grosz: Literature and Caricature
Herbert Knust

Dance on a Volcano: Notes on Musical Satire and Parody in Weimar Germany
Alex L. Ringer

Marxist Emblems: Brecht's War Primer
Rheinhold Grimm

Meister Fidus: Jugendstil-Hippie to Aryan Faddist
Jost Hermand

Montage: The German Film of the Twenties
Richard C. Figge

Max Reinhardt's Total Theatre: A Centenary Lecture
Henry Kahane

VOL. 12, No. 4, 1975

Fictional Encyclopedism and the Cognitive Value of Literature
Ronald T. Swigger

James Thomson in Russia: The Changing of The Seasons
Glynn R. Barratt

Don Quixote in Heart of Darkness: Two Notes
Gustavo Pérez Firmat

The Translation of Poetry: Some Observations and a Model
André Lefevre

T.S. Eliot and Petronius
Gareth L. Schmeling and David R. Rebman

Book Reviews
Joseph J. Duggan, The Song of Roland: Formulaic Style and Poetic Craft
(Edward R. Haymes)

George Watson, The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature. Vol.II (1660-1800)
(Roland Mortier)

Barbara C. Bowen, The Age of Bluff Paradox and Ambiguity in Rabelais and Montaigne
(Marcel De Grève)

Harold E. Pagliaro, Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture: Racism in the Eighteenth Century
(J. Jean Hecht)

W. Van Den Berg,De Ontwikkeling van de Term Romantisch en zijn Varianten in Nederland tot 1840
(Lilian R. Furst)

M.M. Badawi, Coleridge. Critic of Shakespeare
(G.N.G. Orsini)

Martin Brukhorst, Shakespeares Coriolanus in deutscher Bearbeitung
(Hans Eichner)

David Halliburton, Edgar Allan Poe: A Phenomenological View
(E. Arthur Robinson)

Joan Delaney Grossman, Edgar Allan Poe in Russia A Study in Legend and Literary Influence
(C. Moody)

Richard Freeborn, The Rise of the Russian Novel
(Temira Pachmuss)

Frederick Lumley, New Trends in 20th Century Drama: A Survey since Ibsen and Shaw
(Gerald Gillespie)

Ulrich Weisstein, Expressionism as an International Phenomenon: 21 Essays and a Bibliography
(Marianna D. Birnbaum)

Stanley Corngold, The Commentatorsâ Despair: The Interpretation of Kafha's Metamorphosis
(James Rolleston)

Wayne Kvam, Hemingway in Germany
(Eugene F. Tiempe)

Ulrich Weisstein, Comparative Literature and Literary Theory: Survey and Introduction
(Michael E. Moriarity)

Richard Ellmann, Golden Codgers, Biographical Speculations
(Grace Eckley)