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Volume 11

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VOL. 11, No. 1, 1974
Special Tenth Anniversary Issue

Sur une bibliographie du haiku dans les langues européennes

Classical Chinese and Modern Ang1o-American Poetry: Convergence of Languages and Poetry
Wai-Lim Yip

Traduction littérale ou littéraire?
Shlomo Elbaz

Tragedy as an Evaluative Term
Clayton Koelb

The Search for a National Literature: A Problem in the Comparative History of Postcolonial Literatures
David T. Haberly

VOL. 11, No. 2, 1974

Aspects du baudelairisme mexicain
Hans-George Ruprecht

Transformations of the Holocaust: Auschwitz in Modern Lyric Poetry
Brian Murdoch

Diderot, Wordsworth, and the Creative Process
Theodore E. D. Braun

Whodunit: Brecht's Adaptation of Molière's Don Juan
John Fuegi

VOL. 11, No. 3, 1974

Ideas and Prose Fiction in Antiquity
Clifton Cherpack

Adaptation and Comic Intent: Plautus' Amphitruo and Molière's Amphitryon
Walter E. Forehand

Exorcism in Blatty and Berceo
Henry Mendeloff

A Czech Admirer of Carducci
Marija Petrovska

The Pythagorean Vision of Rubén Darío in La tortuga de oro
Raymond Skyrme

Book Reviews
Ronald W. Tobin and John D. Erickson, Paths to Freedom: Studies in French Classicism in Honor of E. B. O. Borgerhoff
(Jean-Pierre Chauveau)

Richard K. Cross, Flaubert and Joyce: The Rite of Fiction
(B. F. Bart)

J. C. Brandt Corstius, Het poëtisch programma van Tachtig: Een vergelijkende studie
(Robert G. Collmer)

Manfred Gsteiger, Französische Symbolism in der duestchen Jahrhundertwende (1869-1914)
(Renee Riese Hubert)

Jack M. Stein, Poem and Music in the German Lied From Gluck to Hugo Wolf
(R. M. Longyear)

Frank J. Warnke, Versions of Baroque, European Literature in the Seventeenth Century
(Aldo Scaglione)

Peter Bien, Kazantzakis and the Linguistic Revolution in Greek Literature
(Andrew Horton)

Glenn S. Burne, Julian Green
(L. Clark Keating)

Chridtine M. Crow, Paul Valéry: Consciousness and Nature
(Kurt Weinberg)

M. C. Bradbrook, Literature in ActionL Studies in Continetal and Commonwealth Society
(Kenneth John Atchity)

Ronald Peacock, Criticism and Persoanl Taste
(Heinrich Meyer)

David B. Quinn and Neil M. Cheshire, The New Found Land of Stephen Parmenius: The Life and Writings of a Hungarian Poet, Drowned on a Voyage from Newfoudland, 1853
(Percy G. Adams)

George H. Szanto, Narrative Consciousness: Structure and Perception in the Fiction of Kafka, Beckett, and Robbe-Grillet
(Sallie Sears)

Carl Lofmark, Rennewart in Wolfram's Willehalm
(George Fenwick Jones)

VOL. 11, No. 4, 1974

A.F. Schmidt and C. Péguy: A Comparative Stylistic Analysis
Jon M. Tolman

The Poetry of Democracies: Tocqueville's Aristocratic View
Donald Kummings

The Concept of Poetic Estrangement
W. Wolfgang Holdheim

George Seferis' Thrush and the Poetry of Ezra Pound
George Thaniel

Book Reviews
Samuel G. Armistead and Joespeh H. Silverman, The Judeo-Spanish Ballad Chapbooks of Yacob Abraham Yoná
(Isaias Lerner, H. H.)

Henry F. Majewski, The Preromantic Imagination of L.-S. Mercier
(Manfred Gsteiger)

Samuel Sandmel, The Enjoyment of Scripture
(Edwin M. Moseley)

Alban K. Forcione, Cervantes' Christian Roamnce: A Study of Persiles y Sigismunda
(Ruth H. Kossoff)

Rupert C. Allen, The Symbolic World of Federico Garcia Lorca
(Vera F. De Beck-Agular)

Karl S. Guthke, Die Mythologie der entgötterten Welt
(Heinrick Meyer)

Burton R. Pollin, De la justice politique
(Beatrice C. Fink)

Hans Eichner, Romantic and its Cognats: The European History of a Word
(R. A. Foakes)

R. J. Hollingdale, Thomas Mann: A Critical Study
(David H. Miles)

George C. Bedell, Kierkegaard and Faulkner Modalities of Exsistence
(Ronald Grimsley)

Alexander F. Boyd, Aspects of the Russian Novel
(Nicholas Moravcevich)

Marguerite Wieser, La Fortue d'Uhland en France
(Marie-Odile Sweetser)

G. G. Brown, A Literary History of Spain: The Twentieth Century
(Cyrus De Coster)

Allan Chappelow, Shaw the Chucker-out: A Biographical Exposition and Critique
(Asela Rodríguez-Seda)