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Volume 10

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VOL. 10, No.1, 1973

The Aesthetic-Historical Paradox
W. Wolfgang Holdeim

Proust and Doderer as Historical Novelists
David L. Jones

Henry James and Hippolyte Taine: The Historical and Scientific Method in Literature
Jeremiah J. Sullivan

Historical Literary Genre: The Concept and its Uses
Uri Margolin

Ezra Pound and Scotus Erigena
Peter Makin

VOL. 10, No. 2, 1973
Special Issue in Honor of Chandler B. Beall
Calvin S. Brown, Guest Editor

Proust Fifty Years Later
Anna Balakian

John Dryden as a Comparatist
Calvin S. Brown

The Structure of Romantic Agony
Lillian R. Furst

Literature and Cultural Identity
Harry Levin

Satire and Irony as Means of Communication
Jean Weisgerber

Poulet, Du Bos, and Identification
René Welleck

VOL. 10, No. 3, 1973

Stendhal, Tomasi di Lampedusa, and the Novel
Olga Ragusa

Manzoni's Aesthetic Theory
Ernesto G. Caserta

Stefan Zweig as Agent of Exchange between French and German Literature
Biruta Cap

Book Reviews
R. D. S. Jack, The Italian Influence on Scottish Literature
(Matthew P. McDiarmid)

Kenneth John Atchity, Eterne in Mutabilitie: The Unity of "The Faerie Queene ", Essays Published in Honor of Davis Philoon Harding, 1914-1970
(Paul Theiner)

Earl Miner, The Cavalier Mode from Jonson to Cotton
(Angus Fletcher)

Peter Brooks, The Novel of Worldliness: Crébillon, Marivaux, Laclos, Stendhal
(Lawrence D. Joiner)

Tim Chilcott, A Publisher and His Circle: The Life and Work of John Taylor, Keats's Publisher
(Richard D. Altick)

Morris Beja, Epiphany in the Modern Novel
(J. J. White)

Richard Swigg, Lawrence, Hardy, and American Literature
(George A. Panichas)

VOL. 10, No. 4, 1973
Special Issue on Utopian Social Thought in Literature and the Social Sciences
Edited by Herbert Knust

Of Man's Last Disobedience: Zamiatin's We and Orwell's 1984
Gorman Beauchamp

Women in Utopia
Lyman Tower Sargent

Proceedings of a Symposium
Harry G. Haile

Capitalism, Communism, and Multinationalism (précis)
Irving Louis Horowitz

Models for a Future Society: Literature and the Sociologist
Helmut Klages

The Time Machine versus Utopia as a Structural Model for Science Fiction
Darko Suvin

The Prospects for Literature in Future Society
Walter Höllerer and Richard Figge

Literary Scholarship: Past and Future
Peter Demetz

Utopian Thought and Modern Society: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (summary of a panel discussion)
Herbert Knust

Book Reviews
David H. Helsa, The Shape of Chaos: An Interpretation of the Art of Samuel Beckett
(George Szanto)

Charles Chadwick, Symbolism
(J. C. Evans)

Walter J. Ong, Rhetoric, Romance, and Technology: Studies in the Interaction of Expression and Culture
(Richard A. Lanham)

Alexandru Dutu, Cartile de întelepciune în cultura româna
(Dennis J. Deletant)

Claudio Guillén, Literature as System: Essays toward the Theory of Literary History
(Alison Parks Weber)

Warren A. Shibles, Metaphor: An Annotated Bibliography and History
(Winfried Schieiner)

Dorothy Gabe Coleman, Rabelais: A Critical Study in Prose Fiction
(G. Mallary Masters)

Reuben A. Brower, Hero and Saint: Shakespeare and the Graeco-Roman Heroic Tradition
(P. G. Walsh)

Harold Fisch, Hamlet and the Word: The Covenant Pattern in Shakespeare and Alan Hobson, Full Circle: Shakespeare and Moral Development
(Hugh M. Richmond)

Frank Kermode, Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne: Renaissance Essays
(Thomas R. Edwards)

Hugh M. Richmond, Shakespeare's Sexual Comedy: A Mirror for Lovers
(Alan Hobson)

John C. Lapp, The Esthetics of Negligence: La Fontaine's Contes
(Henri Mydlarski)

Bettina L. Knapp, Jean Racine: Mythos and Renewal in Modern Theater
(Robert J. Nelson)