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Volume 9

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VOL. 9, No. 1, 1972
Special Issue in Honor of Maurice J. Valency

Anatomy of the Novella
Robert J. Clements

The Tragicomic Bear
Louise G. Clubb

In Praise of La bella mano: Aspects of Late Renaissance Lyricism
James V. Mirollo

Theatre of Illusion: Pirandello's Liolà and Machiavelli's Mandragola
Anne Paolucci

Ibsen and the Immoralists
Evert Sprinchorn

Some Notes on the Problem of Modern Tragedy
Haskell M. Block

Book Reviews
Ruby Cohn, Currents in Contemporary Drama
(John Fuegi)

Hugh Dickinson, Myth on the Modern Stage
(Angela Belli)

Elmer M. Blistein, The Drama of the Renaissance: Essays for Leicester Bradner
(Terence P. Logan)

Eugene Dorfman, The Narreme in the Medieval Romance Epic
(Edward R. Haymes)

F. X. Newman, The Meaning of Courtly Love
(John V. Fleming)

John V. Fleming, The Romance de Ia Rose: A Study in Allegory and Iconography
(Charles R. Dahlberg)

Leonard Forster, The Icy Fire: Five Studies in European Petrarchism
(Donald L. Guss)

Robert Haollander, Allegory in Dante's Commedia
(Beatrice Corrigan)

Harry Levin, The Myth of the Colden Age in Renaissance
(E. N. Tigcrstedt)

Rocco Montano, Lo spirito e le lettre. Disegno storico della letteratura italiana
(Guido Di Pino)

Giuseppe Carlo Rossi, Letteratura brasiliana. Pro filo storico-Antologia
(Erilde Melillo Reali)

Brian Vickers, Classical Rhetoric in English Poetry
(Roy Arthur Swanson)

John Chalker, The English Georgic: A Study in the Development of a Form
(George S. Rousseau)

John R.Clark, Form and Frenzy in Swift's Tale of a Tub
(Henry Knight Miller)

Robert Alter, Fielding and the Nature of the Novel
(Henry Knight Miller)

Herbert Josephs, Diderot's Dialogue of Language and Gesture: Le Neveu de Rameau
(Vincent Bowen)

Philip R. Stewart, Imitation and Illusion in the French Memoir-Novel, 1700-1750 The Art of Make Believe
(Peter Brooks)

VOL. 9, No. 2, 1972

Military Strategy in Malory and Vegetius' De re militari
Diane Bornstein

Sogno and Sueño: Dante and Calderón
Jean-Pierre Barricelli

Madame de Staël, Charles de Villers, and the Death of God in Jean Paul's Songe
Byron R. Libhart

Chateaubriand in Russia, 1800-1830
Glynn R. Barratt

Pushkin's Bronze Horseman and the Epic Tradition
J. Kevin Newman

Virginia Woolf and the Russian Point of View
Roberta Rubenstein

The Broken Cranium-Headwounds in Zola, Rilke, Céline: A Study in Contrasting Modes
David Hayman

Book Reviews
Dieter Sturm and Klaus Völker, Von denen Vampiren oder Mensehensaugern Dichtungen und Dokumente and Sir Devendra P. Varma, Varney the Vampire
(A. O. Aldridge)

Sergio Beser, Leopoldo Alas, crítico literario
(Juan Lopez Morillas)

Herman Meyer, The Poetics of Quotation in the European Novel
(Jean Weisgerber)

Fritz Schlawe, Die Briefsammlungen des 19. Jahrhunderts: Bibliographie der Briefausgaben und Gesamtregister der Briefschreiber und Briefempfänger 1815-1915 (Repertorien zur Deutschen Literaturgeschichte, Nr. 4)
(John R. Frey)

Jane A. Nelson, Form and Image in the Fiction of Henry Miller
(Kenneth John Atchity)

Graham Martin, Eliot in Perspective: A Symposium
(Hyatt H. Waggoner)

VOL. 9, No. 3, 1972

Ubirajara, Hiawatha, Cumandá: National Virtue from American Indian Literature
Gordon Brotherston

Cunninghame Graham's South American Sketches
Laurence Davies

Schiegel, Christianity, and History: Manzoni' s Theory of the Novel
Larry H. Peer

Don Gouan: Essai d'interprétation du "Convive de pierre" de Pouchkine
Natan Nevo

The Little Mermaid and the Artist's Quest for a Soul
Barbara F. Bass

Faulkner and Balzac: The Poetic Web
Roxandra V. Antoniadis

Book Reviews
Gerhard Ziegengeist, Aftuelle Probleme der Vergleichenden Literaturforschung
(François Jost)

Francois Jost, Essais de littérature comparée II. Europaeana
(Henry H. H. Remak)

René Wellek, Discriminations: Further Concepts of Criticism
(Jacques Voisine)

Walter Stein, Criticism as Dialogue
(Joseph Frank)

Robert J. Rodini, Antonfrancesco Grazzini: Poet, Dramatist and Novelliere, 1503-1584
(Antonio Palermo)

Daniela Dalla Valle, La Frattura: Studi sul barocco letterario francese
(Larry H. Peer)

Lilian Furst, Romanticism
(Evelio Echevarria)

Harold Jantz, The Mothers in Faust: The Myth of Time and Creativity
(J. Alan Pfeffer and Dorothy Hanks)

Geoffrey Durrant, William Wordsworth
(Jack Stillinger)

Morse Peckham, Victorian Revolutionaries
(Joseph E. Baker)

John Sturrock, The French New Novel: Claude Simon, Michel Butor, Alain Robbe-Grillet
(Bruce Morrissette)

Douglas C. Stenerson, H. L. Mencken Iconoclast from Baltimore
(Thomas A. Krueger)

Renate Von Heydebrand and Klaus Günther Just, Wissenschaft als Dialog. Studien zur Literatur und Kunst seit der Jahrhundertwende
(Ruth Lorbe)

Karol Szemkus, Gesellschaftlicher Wandel und sprachliche Form: Literatursoziologische Studie zur Dichtung Gottfried Kellers
(John Fuegi)

Ronald Christ, The Narrow Act: Borgesâ Art of Allusion
(Peter G. Earle)

André Karátson, Le Symbolisme en Hongrie
(Ann Demaitre)

C. B. Morris, A Generation of Spanish Poets, 1920-1936
(Charlotte Hughes)

R. Hinton Thomas and Wilfried Van Der Will, The German Novel and the Affluent Society
(Herbert Lehnert)

VOL. 9, No. 4, 1972

Rank and Marriage: A Study of the Motif of "Woman Willfully Tested "
Winfried Schleiner

Laurent de Premierfait and the Fifteenth-Century French Assimilation of the Decameron: A Study in Tonal Transformation
Glyn P. Norton

Donne's Parody of the Petrarchan Lady
Silvia Ruffo-Fiore

From the Mummelsee to the Moon: Refractions of Science in Seventeenth-Century Literature
Siegfried Mandel

Dostoevsky, Werfel, and Virginia Woolf: Influences and Confluences
Temira Pachmuss

The Waste Land: A Possible German Source
John Barry

ÎHâ ÎEpnun Xwpa: Seferis' Translation of The Waste Land
Rowena Fowler

Book Reviews
Geoffrey H. Hartman, Beyond Formalism: Literary Essays 1958-1970
(Gerald Gillespie)

Richard Macksey and Eugenio Donato, The Languages of Criticism and the Sciences of Man: The Structuralist Controversy
(Robert Marsh)

A. Owen Aldridge, The Ibero-American Enlightenment
(Juan López-Morillas)

Edith Kern, Existential Thought and Fictional Technique: Kierkegaard, Sartre, Beck ett
(J. Mitchell Morse)

Robert Dumont, Stefan Zweig et la France
(Konrad Bieber)

Gabriel Josipovici, The World and the Book
(Priscilla P. Clark)

Sigurd Burckhardt, The Drama of Language: Essays on Goethe and Kleist
(Herman Salinger)

Alan Roper, Arnold 's Poetic Landscapes
(Robert Keefe)

James R. Lawler, The Language of French Symbolism
(Paul A. Fortier)

Jean Paris, Hamlet et Panurge
(A. Owen Aldridge)

Jintaro Kataoka, An Analytical Approach to Comparative Literature
(A. Owen Aldridge)