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Volume 8

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VOL. 8, No. 1, 1971
Special Issue on Literature and Philosophy

Poetry and Philosophy in the Renaissance
Roger J. Clements

Philosophy and Literature in Eighteenth-Century France .
Herbert Dieckmann

Two Philosophical Views of the Literary Imagination: Sartre and Bachelard
Ronald Grimsley

Ivan Karamazov and Harry Haller: The Consolation of Philosophy
Reed B. Merrill

Book Reviews
Giorgio Tagliacozzo, Giambattista Vico: An International Symposium
(Roland N. Stromberg)

Peter Gay, The Enlightenment: An interpretation, Vol. II, The Science of Freedom
(Alfred J. Bingham)

Harold B. Segel, The Literature of Eighteenth-Century Russia: An Anthology of Russian Literary Materials of the Age of Classicism and the Enlightenment from the Reign of Peter the Great (1689-1725) to the Reign of Alexander 1 (1801-1825)
(Kenneth Craven)

G. N. G. Orsini, Coleridge and German Idealism
(Richard Haven)

Leonard LeRoy Duroche, Aspects of Criticism: Literary Study in Present-Day Germany and Peter Salm, Three MOdes of Criticism: The Literary Theories of Scherer, Walzel, and Staiger
(Herbert Knust)

Jean, Weisgerber, Faulkner et Dostoyevski
(M. J. Hanak)

Jean Baudrillard, Le Système des objets
(Jean V. Alter)

VOL. 8, No. 2, 1971

The New Prometheus: Molière's and Kleist's Amphitryon
Wolfgang Wittkowski

Un Héritage d'André Gide: La Duplication intérieure
Bruce Morrissette

Ezra Pound in African Poetry: Christopher Okigbo
Romanus Egudu

Book Reviews
John D. Yohannan, Joseph and Potiphar's Wife in World Literarture: An Anthology of the Story of the Chaste Youth and the Lustful Stepmother
(Armand E. Singer)

Frederick M. Combellack, The War at Troy: What Homer Didn't Tell
(Warren Anderson)

James Wimsatt, Chaucer and the Frech Love Poets: The Literary Background of the "Book of the Duchess"
(Robert M. Jordan)

T. K. Dunseath, Spenser's Allegory of Justice in Book Five of the "The Faerie Queene"
(A. C. Hamilton)

Robert H. West, Shakespeare and the Outer Mystery
(Waldo F. McNeir)

John P. Cutts, The Shattered Glass, A Dramatic Pattern in Shakespeare's Early Plays
(Waldo F. McNeir)

Sherman Paul, The Music of Survival: A Biography of a Poem by William Carlos Williams
(James Guimond)

Martin Erich Schmid, Symbol und Funktion der Musik im Werk Hugo von Hofmannsthals
(RIchard Exner)

Gerhard Loose, Franz Kafka und Amerika
(Ingo Seidler)

Adrian Jaffe, The Process of Kafka's "Trial"
(Herbert Lehnert)

Joseph Waldapfel, A travers siècles et frontières and Frigyes Riedl, A History of Hungarian Literature
(Ann Demaitre)

M Horányi and T. Klaniczay, Italia ed Ungheria: Dieci secoli di rapporti letterari
(Olga Ragusa)

Sven Linnér, Dostoevskij on Realism
(Jean Weigerber)

Rafael Koskimies, Der nordische Dekadent: Eine vergleichende Literaturestudie
(P. M. Mitchell)

Paul Ilie, The Surrealist Mode in Spanish Literature: An Interpretation of Basic Trends from Post-Romanticism to the Spanish Vanguard
(Bernard Gicovate)

To Honor Roman Jakobson: Essays on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday
(Ralph E. Matlaw)

Walter Kaufmann, Tragedy and Philosophy
(John P. Anton)

Eric Bentley, The Theory of the Modern Stage: An Introduction to Modern Theatre and Drama
(Thomas F. Marshall)

Hilda U. Stubbings, Renasissance Spain in Its Literary Relations with England and France: A Critical Bibliography
(A. Owen Aldridge)

VOL. 8, No. 3, 1971

On Translation
Kimon Friar

Courtly Decorum: Kuffstein and the Spanish Diana
Gerhart Hoffmeister

La Traduction en France à l'époque romantique
Jacques G. A. Bereaud

Le Mythe de Kirilov: Camus, Dostoievski et les traducteurs
Julie Vincent

The Symbolists' Influence on Japanese Poetry
Ko Won

Book Reviews
Mario Praz, Mnemosyne: The Parallel between Literature and the Visual Arts
(Ralph A. Smith)

Paricia Merivale, Pan the Goat-God
(H. Bergholz)

Stanley Burnshaw, The Seamless Web
(Jean H. Hagstrum)

Jose A. Balseiro, The Americas Look at Each Other
(H. E. Lewis)

C. T. Watts, Joseph Conrad's Letters to R. B. Cunninghame Graham
(Edmund A. Bojarski)

Thomas E. Porter, Myth and Modern American Drama
(George E. Wellwarth)

Bell Gale Chevigny, Twentieth-Century Interpretations of "Endgame"
(Sanford Sternlight)

Arthur Burkhard, Grillparzer in Ausland
(Helen Adolf)

Eric Johannesson, The Novels of August Strindberg: A Study  in Theme and Structure
(Thure Stenström)

VOL. 8, No. 4, 1971

Matthew Arnold and the Grounds of Comparatism
Warren Anderson

The First American Faust (1720)
Andre Dabezies

Vittorio Alfieri and the United States of America
Edoardo A. Lebano

William Dean Howells: An American Reaction to Tolstoy
Clare R. Goldfarb

European and North American Writers in Contemporaneos
Edward J. Mullen

Eléments pour une bibliographie de la poésie francaise américaniste an vingtième siècle
Kornel Huvos

Book Reviews
Knut Hamsun and Barbara Gordon, The Cultural Life of Modern America
(Asmund Lien)

Arthur E. Knust, Lafcadio Hearn
(B. C. Yu)

Hans Gunter Schitter, Die drei letzten Romane F. Scott Fitzgeralds
(Burton Pike)

Roy Harvey Pearce, Historicism Once More: Problems and Occasions for the American Scholar
(John O. McCormick)