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Volume 7

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VOL. 7, No. 1, 1970

Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Walter Pater
Penrith Goff

Longfellow and German Romanticism
Frederick Burwick

H. L. Mencken's Comprehension of Friedrich Nietzsche
Maurice M. La Belle

Precursors to Dryden: English and French Theories of Translation in the Seventeenth Century
Thomas R. Steiner

Indian Elements in the Poetry of Yeats: On Chatterji and Tagore
Sushil Kumar Jain

T. S. Eliot's "Purgatorio": The Structure of Ash-Wednesday
Audrey T. Rodgers

Book Reviews
Daniel C. Boughner, The Devil's Disciple: Ben Jonson's Debt to Machiavelli
(Kenneth S. Rothwell)

N. J. C. Andreasen, John Donne: Conservative Revolutionary
(Leonard Unger)

Albert S. Gerard, English Romantic Poetry: Ethos, Structure, and Symbol in Coleridge, Wordsworth, Shelley, and Keats
(Karl Kroeber)

John Phillip Couch, George Eliot in France: A French Appraisal of George Eliot's Writings, 1858-1960
(Irene Simon)

Helmut E. Gerber, George Moore in Transition: Letters to T. Fisher Unwin and Lena Milman, 1894-1910
(Wendell Stacy Johnson)

Alois Hofman, Thomas Mann und die Welt der russischen Literatur
(Oskar Seidlin)

Louise Vinge, The Narcissus Theme in Western European Literature up to the Early Nineteenth Century
(Leo Weinstein)

Guy Jean Forgue, H. L. Mencken: L'Homme, l'oeuvre, l'influence
(Donald Barlow Stauffer)

Jean Hytier, Questions de littérature
(Raymond T. Riva)

A. Owen Aldridge, Comparative Literature: Matter and Method
(Melvin J. Friedman)

Elio Gianturco, A Selective Bibliography of Vico Scholarship (1948-1968)
(A. Owen Aldridge)

Clarence Gohdes and Robert V. Allen, Russian Studies of American Literature: A Bibliography
(A. Owen Aldridge)

George Watson, The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature Volume 3, 1800-1900
(A. Owen Aldridge)

VOL. 7, No. 2, 1970

Ronsard and the English Renaissance
H. M. Richmond

La Fontaine, héritier d'Esope et de Pilpay
Fernande Bassan

Prolegomena to Philippine Poetics
Epifanio San Juan, Jr.

Keats and Mallarimé
Robert Greer Cohn

Croce's Early Aesthetic and American Critical Theory
George H. Douglas

Gide, Santayana, Chesterton, and Browning
Leland H. Chambers

Book Reviews
Jerome Mitchell, Thomas Hoccleve: A Study in Early Fifteenth-Century Poetic
(Francis Lee Utley)

Pietri Piovani, Omaggio a Vico
(Elio Gianturco)

Andre Von Gronicka, The Russian Image of Goethe: Goethe in Russian Literature of the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
(Heinrich Meyer)

Antonio Mor and Jean Weisgerber, La letterature del Belgio
(Pierre Van Bever)

Philip Kolb and Larkin B. Price, Marcel Proust: Textes retrouves
(Douglas W. Alden)

Anna Balakian, The Symbolist Movement: A Critical Appraisal
(Renée Riese Hubert)

Erika Ostrovsky, Céline and His Vision
(Glenn S. Burne)

Gordon Brotherstone, Manuel Machado: A Revaluation
(Manuel Durán)

Herbert Knust, Wagner, the King, and "The Waste Land"
(Herbert Howarth)

Walter Brylowski, Faulkner's Olympian Laugh: Myth in the Novels
(William M. Jones)

James Guimond, The Art of William Carlos Williams: A Discovery and Possession of America
(Linda Welshimer Wagner)

VOL. 7, No. 3, 1970

The Autobiographical Mode of Goethe: Dichtung und Wahrheit and the Lyric Poems
Marjaorie G. Perloff

The "Postulates in Philosophy" in the Biographia Literaria
Elinor S. Shaffer

Brechtâs Victorian Version of Gay: Imitation and Originality in the Dreigroschenoper
Ulrich Weisstein

Milosao: A Popular and Classical "Lyrical Romance"
Arshi Pipa

Three Egyptian Poets of "Westernization": ÎAbd al-Rahman Shukri, Ibrahim ÎAbd al-Qadir al-Mazini, and Mahmud ÎAbbas al-âAqqad
Robin C. Ostle

Dante and E. E. Cummings
Allan A. Metcalf

Book Reviews
Don Cameron Allen and Henry T. Rowell, The Poetic Tradition: Essays on Greek, Latin, and English Poetry
(Warren Anderson)

P. B. Zaborov, Vol'ter v russkikh perevodakh XVIII veka[Voltaire in Russian translations of the eighteenth century]
(Barbara Ann Maggs)

Theodore Besterman, Voltaire
(A. Owen Aldridge)

ROnald Paulson, The Fictions of Satire
(John A. Dussinger)

Jacques Bousquet, Page Les Thèmes du réve dans la littérature romantique
(Frederick Garber)

K. G. McWattersStendhal lecteur des romanciers anglais
(Fernande Bassan)

Herman Braet, L'Accueil fait au symbolisme en Belgique, 1885-1900
(Glenn S. Burne)

Theodore A. Sackett, Pérez Galdòs: An Annotated Bibliography
(Ricardo Gullón)

Joseph Sommers, After the Storm: Landmarks of the Modern Mexican Novel
(John S. Brushwood)

Renato Poggioli, The Theory of the Avant-Garde
(Glauco Cambon)

Auston J. Shelton, The African Assertion: A Critical Anthology of African Literature and Oladele Taiwo, An Introduction to West African Literature
(C. H. Wake)

VOL. 7, No. 4, 1970

Literary Mannerism and Baroque in Spain and France
Helmut Hatzfeld

Du Bartas, Sidney, and Spenser
E. R. Gregory, Jr.

Parnassian Precept and a New Way of Seeing Casal's Museo ideal
Lee Fontanella

André Masson and His Critics
Renee Riese Hubert

Book Review
Bernard Weinberg, The Limits if Symbolism
(Haskell M. Block)