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Volume 6

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VOL. 6, No. 1, 1969

Nonheroic Tragedy: A Pedigree for American Tragic Drama
Samuel L. Macey

The Music of"The Waste Land"
Paul Chancellor

Unamuno and Thoreau
R. L. Predmore

Daisy Miller, Tradition, and the European Heroine
Motley F. Deakin

The Anti-Surrealism of Christopher Caudwell
Paul C. Ray

From Abraham to Andrenio: Observations on the Evolution of the Abraham Legend, Its Diffusion in Spain, and Its Relation to the Theme of the Self-taught Philosopher


VOL. 6, No. 2, 1969

Seferis and the "Mythical Method"
Edmund Keeley

Nikos Kazantzakis: Odysseus as Phenomenon
Andreas K. Poulakidas

Nikos Kazantzakis and Chaucer
M. Byron Raizis

Mickiewicz' Konrad Wallenrod: An Attempt at Reappraisal
Konstanty Zantuan

The Grotesque and the Aesthestic Response in Shakespeare, Dickens, and Gunter Grass
Michael Steig


Book Reviews

Karl R. Wallace, Francis Bacon on the Nature of Man

Virgil K. Whitaker


Brian Vickers, Francis Bacon and Renaissance Prose

Karl R. Wallace


Alexander A. Parker, Literature and the Delinquent: The Picaresque Novel in Spain and Europe

Dale B. J. Randall


H.-F. Imbert, Les Metamorphoses de la liberte ou Stendhal devant la Restauration et le Risorgimento

Murray Sachs


Victor Brombert, The Novels of Flambery: A study of Themes and Techniques

Raymond Giraud


Par M.- A. Ruff, Rimbaud

E. Noulet


Par Rene Etiemble, Le Sonnet des Voyelles

E. Noulet


Roger B. Stein, John Ruskin and Aesthetic Thought in America: 1840-1900

James Woodress


William V. Spanos, The Christian Tradition in Modern British Verse Drama: The Poetics of Sacramental Time

Donna Gerstenberger


Eugene H. Falk, Types of Thematic Structure: The Nature and Function of Motifs in Gide, Camus, and Satre

Jean-Paul Weber


Sergio Moravia, Il tramonto dell'illuminismo: Filosofia e politica nella societa francese

Alfred J. Bingham


VOL. 6, No. 3, 1969


Introduction:Shifting Trends in Narrative Criticism

A. O. Aldridge


The Sermon and the Novel in France: The Example of Bourdaloue

Georges May


Fact in Fiction

Victor Lange


From Gusle to Tape Recorder

Harry Levin


Golden Birds and Dying Generartions

Sheldon Sacks

Paradise Lost and the Iliad

Martin Mueller


Thoughts on History and the Novel

Ursula Brumm


Book Reviews


H. F. Lourier, Crusaders as Conquerors: the Chronicle or Morea

K. Mitsakis


K. Mitsakis, Der byzantinische Alexanderroman nach dem Codex vindob. Theol. gr. 244

Mark Naoumides


Christopher Logue, Patrocleia of Homer: A New Vision

Warren Anderson


Stith Thompson, One Hundred Favorite Folktales

John T. Flanagan


Rodney Delasanta, The Epic Voice

Robert H. West


Slyvere Monod, Dickens the Novelist

John R. Reed


Bernard C. Meyer, Joseph Conrad: A Psychoanalytic Biography

Zdzislaw Nadjer


Malcom Cowley, The File: Letters and Memoirs. 1944-1962

Calvin S. Brown


VOL. 6, No, 4, 1969

Le Mythe de Rimbaud en Hongrie

An Outline of the Italian Enlightment
Sergio Moravia

Le Legislateur and the Patriot King: A case of Intellectual Kinship
Dennis J. Fletcher

Idea and Hertitage in Soviet Literature
Nicolaes Rzhevsky

Eighteenth-Century Neoclassical French Influences on E. A. Baratynsky and Pushpin
Glynn Barratt

Book Reviews
Yvor Winters, Forms
of Discovery: Critical and Historical Essays on the Forms of the Short Poem in English
Fred C. Robinson

William V. Spanos, The Christian Tradition in Modern British Verse Drama: The Poetics of Sacramental Time
Ralph J. Mills, Jr.

Paul J. Alpers, The Poetry of The Faerie Queene
Robert L. Montgomery

John R. Elliott, Jr., The Prince of Poets: Essays on Edmund Spenser
Humphrey Tonkin

Peter Gay, The Enlightenment: An Interpretation, Vol.1, The Rise of Modern Paganism
Alfred J. Bingham

Henri Troyat, Tolstoy
N. Rzhevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Edward Wasiolek, and Katherine Strelsky, The Notebooks for The Idiot
Temira Pachmuss

Edmund Keeley and Phillip Sherrard, George Seferis: Collected Poems 1924-1955
K. Mitsakis