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Volume 5

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VOL. 5, No. 1, 1968

Armida's Garden
Mario Praz

The Characteristics of Modern Poetry in Brazil
Cassiano Nunes

French-Brazilian Crosscurrents: An Introduction
Wilson Martins

Louis Verneuil, Armando Moock, y la comedia de dos personajes
Juan V. Agudiez

The Assault on Symbolism
Robert G. Cohn

Book Reviews
Harry Levin, Refractions: Essays in Comparative Literature
(Newton P. Stallknecht)

Herman Weigand, Surveys and Soundings in European Literature
(Jack M. Stein)

Howard W. Clarke, The Art of theOdyssey
(Warren D. Anderson)

Herbert Schueller, The Persistence of Shakespeare Idolatry: Essays in Honor of Robert W. Babcock
(Joseph B. Fort)

Todd K. Bender, Gerard Manley Hopkins
(John M. Haller)

Madeleine B. Ellis, Rousseau's Venetian Story: An Essay Upon Art and Truth inLes Confessions
(Ronald Grimsley)

Jean Levaillant, Les Aventures du scepticisme: Essai sur l'evolution intellectuelle d'Anatole France
(Leonora Cohen Rosenfield)

G. Lanson, Essais de méthode de critique et d'histoire littéraire and Henri Peyre, Modern Literature: The Literature of France
(Edith Kern)

Henri Peyre, French Novelists of Today
(Germaine Brée)

Ludwig Rohner, Der deutsche Essay: Materialien zur Geschichte und Ästhetik einer literarischen Gattung
(Theodore Ziolkowski)

René Cannac, The Reception of United States Literature in Germany
(Henry A. Pochmann)

Marcelino C. Penuelas, Théatre et révolte: Essai sur la jeunesse de Schiller
(Konrad Bieber)

Mito, literatura y realidad
(Diana Lee Morelli)

VOL. 5, No. 2, 1968

Romanticism in Historical Perspective: The Chronology of the Romantic Movements in England, France, and Germany
Lillian R. Furst

Sidney Lanier and German Romance: An Important Qualification
Jack De Bellis

Chateaubriand's Use of Ossianic Language
Adrian H. Jaffe

Notes on a Comparative American Literary History
John O. McCormick

Faulkner's Monomaniacs: Their Indebtedness to Raskolnikov
Jean Weisgerber

Charles Nodier and Finnegans Wake
J. Mitchell Morse

Book Reviews
The Concept of Modernism in Hispanic Criticism
(Graciela P. Nemes)

Allemagne 1945-1965: Arts, Lettres, Spectacles
(Konrad Bieber)

La Poésie de Pierre Revardy
(Renée Riese Hubert)

Caxton's Aesop
(David G. Hale)

John Donne, Petrarchist: Italianate Conceits and Love Theory in the Songs and Sonets
(John R. Roberts)

T. S. Eliots Anfänge als Lyriker (1905-1915)
(Ulrich Weisstein)

Human Love: Existential and Mystical
(William V. Spanos)

Marx, Engels, and the Poets: Origins of Marxist Literary Criticism
(Edmund Demaitre)

VOL. 5, No. 3, 1968

Myth and Social Realism in Miguel Angel Asturias
Luis Leal

J. W. Heinse and Italian Literature
Wallace R. Brandon

Die Confessions Rousseaus und ihr Vorbild
Rita Falke

Naturalismo y teatro social en Catalufia
Lily Litvak de Pérez de la Dehesa

Poe's Sonnet--To Zante: Sources and Associations
Burton R. Pollin

The Relation of Epiphany to Description in the Modern French Novel
Emily Zants

The Self and the Other: A Dilemma of Existential Fiction
Edith Kern

Book Reviews
Francois Jost, Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association (Fribourg, 1964)
(Werner P. Friederich)

D. E. Hayden, E. P. Alworth, and G. Tate, Classics in Linguistics
(Henry Kahane)

Alain Renoir, The Poetry of John Lydgate
(Julian Eugene White, Jr.)

Alfred Owen Aldridge, Benjamin Franklin and Nature's God
(Adrienne Koch)

G. Robert Stange, Matthew Arnold: The Poet as Humanist
(William H. Marshall)

Murray Krieger, The Play and Place of Criticism
(Angelo P. Bertoci)

William T. Stafford, Perspectives on James's The Portrait of a Lady
(Blair Gates Kenney)

Marvin Lewis, The Mining Frontier: Contemporary Accounts from the American West in the Nineteenth Century
(Ray B. Browne)

J. Kamerbeek, Jr., De poëzie van J. C. Bloem in Europees perspectief
(Robert G. Collmer)

Elly Wilbert-Collins, A Bibliography of Four Contemporary German-Swiss Authors: Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Max Frisch, Robert Walser, Albin Zollinger
(François Jost)

Max Spalter, Brecht's Tradition
(Ann Demaitre)

Jean Alter, La Vision du monde d'Alain Robbe-Grillet
(Jean R. Carduner)

VOL. 5, No, 4, 1968

Intestine Sedition: The Fable of the Belly
David G. Hale

Genius with a Dictionary: Reevaluating D. H. Lawrence's Translations
Armin Arnlod

Iris Murdoch: An Existentialist?
Cyrena Norman Pondrom

The Dark Continent of Literature: Autobiography
Stephen A. Shapiro

The Poet as Creator: Origins of a Metaphor
E. N. Tigerstedt

Book Reviews
Yvor Winters, Forms of Discovery: Critical and Historical Essays on the Forms of the Short Poem in English
(Fred C. Robinson)

William V. Spanos, The Christian Tradition in Modern British Verse Drama: The Poetics of Sacramental Time
(Ralph J. Mills, Jr.)

Paul J. Alpers, The Poetry of The Faerie Queene
(Robert L. Montgomery)

John R. Elliott, Jr., The Prince of Poets: Essays on Edmund Spenser
(Humphrey Tonkin)

Peter Gay, The Enlightenment: An Interpretation, Vol.1, The Rise of Modern Paganism
(Alfred J. Bingham)

Henri Troyat, Tolstoy
(N. Rzhevsky)

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Edward Wasiolek, and Katherine Strelsky, The Notebooks for The Idiot
(Temira Pachmuss)

Edmund Keeley and Phillip Sherrard, George Seferis: Collected Poems 1924-1955
(K. Mitsakis)