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Volume 2

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VOL. 2, No. 1, 1965

Narrative You in Contemporary Literature
Bruce Morrissette

Donne's Poetry in Dutch Letters
Robert G. Collmer

Incest as Romantic Symbol
Peter L. Thorslev, Jr.

Arrigo Beyle Milanese en Face de L'Italie Dialectale
Albert Maquet

Literary History and Literary Criticism in Twentieth-Century Italy
Vittorio Santoli

Charles Fox: An Early Interpreter of Persian Poetry
Paul Kaufman

Book Reviews
Maurice Beebe, Ivory Towers and Sacred Founts: The Artist as Hero in Fiction from Goethe to Joyce
(John Fletcher)

Charles E. Passage, The Russian Hofimannists
(Simon Karlinsky)

Wallace Fowlie, A Reading of Proust
(Douglas W. Alden)

Don Cameron Allen, Doubt's Boandless Sea: Skepticism and Faith in the Renaissance
(Marcel Tetel)

Muriel Rukeyser, Selected Poems of Octavio Paz
(J. H. Matthews)

VOL. 2, No. 2, 1965

Lope de Vega's Don Leonido: A Prototype of The Traditional Don Juan
Willis Barnstone

Max Frisch's Don Juan: A New Look at a Traditional Hero
Peter Gontrum

Saint-John Perse and Several Oriental Sources
Francis J. Carmody

Frederick the Great and Lucretius: Revaluation of a Relationship
Wolfgang Bernard Fleischmann

Pangloss, Martin, and the Disappearing Eighteenth Century
Remy G. Saisselin

Dostoevsky's Use of French as a Symbolic Device in The Brothers Karamazov
Vernon Hall

Book Reviews
Frederic Will, Hereditas: Seven Essays on the Modern Experience of the Classical
(Henri Peyre)

Mario Praz, The House of Life
(George A. Panichas)

Joseph Gerard Brennan, Three Philosophical Novelists: James Joyce, André Gide, Thomas Mann and Ralph Freedman, The Lyrical Novel: Studies in Hermann Hesse, André Gide, and Virginia Woolf
(Douglas W. Alden)

Victor Erlich, The Double Image: Concepts of the Poet in Slavic Literature
(Helen Muchnic)

Milton Voigt, Swift and the Twentieth Century
(James J. Stathis)

VOL. 2, No. 3, 1965

Tocqueville's De la Démocratie en Amerique and The Education of Henry Adams
Richard Ruland

The Loving Killers: The Rationale of Righteousness in Baroque Tragedy
Albert S. Gerard

The absurdly Absurd: Avatars of Godot
Ruby Cohn

Gregorio de Matos: The Quevedo of Brazil
Daniel R. Reedy

D. H. Lawrence, the Russians, and Giovanni Verga
Armin Arnold

Anglais et Français de comédie chez Louis de Boissy et Samuel Foote
Michel Berveiller

Book Reviews
Samuel Slater, The Correspondence of Emerson and Carlyle
(Carl F. Strauch

Willis Barnstone, Sappho: Lyrics in the Original Greek
(Rudd Fleming)

H. M. Richmond, The School of Love: The Evolution of the Stuart Love Lyric
(Kenneth R. R. Gros Louis)

Morris Weitz, Hamlet and the Philosophy of Literary Criticism
(Standish Henning)

Faculty of Comparative Literature Rutgers University, A Syllabus of Comparative Literature
(Vernon Hall)

Annette Lavers, L'Usurpateur et le prétendant, essai: Le Psychalogue dans la littérature contemporaine
(Mary Greenwood Johnson)

VOL. 2, No. 4, 1965

Introduction: Mansions of the Spirit
George A. Panichas

Point of View in American Literary Scholarship and Criticism
Hyatt W. Waggoner

Literature and Religious Belief
Vincent Ferrer Blehl, S. J.

The Religious Meaning of the Experience of Beauty
Nicholas S. Arseniev

Religion et littérature: Esquisse d'une méthode de lecture
Charles Moeller

Religion and the Literary Genres
Edwin M. Moseley

The Fall: Christian Truth and Literary Symbol
Frederick W. Dillistone

The Conditions of Tragedy
Martin Jarrett-Kerr, C. R.

A Question: What Does One Mean by Religious Literature?
Thomas Hanna