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Volume 1

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VOL. 1, No. 1, 1964

Montesquieu and Machiavelli: A Reappraisal
Robert Shackleton

Limites de L'influence linguistique de Rabelais en Angleterre au XVIe siècle
Marcel De Greve

Literary Criticism in Literary History: A Comparative View of the Uses of the Past in Recent American and European Histories of American Literature
Hans K. Galinsky

Literatura comparada en Hispanoamérica
Estuardo  Nunez

Modern Bengali Literature: A Study in Indian-Western Relations
Buddhadeva Bose

Surrealism and England
J. H. Matthews

Book Reviews
Peter L. Thorslev, The Byronic Hero
(W. B. Fleischmann)  

Robert Lichtenstein, König Rother
(George F. Jones)

Oswald LeWinter, Shakespeare in Europe
(Hans Arnold)

Newton P. Stallknecht and Horst Frenz, Comparative Literature
(Haskell M. Block)

U. Doertenhach, M. A. Maerz, F. Schenk and K. Wais, Deutschland-Frankreich
(Werner P. Friederich)


VOL. 1, No. 2, 1964

France-Amérique: The Transatlantic Refraction
Harry Levin

Tristan and Isolde in Finnegans Wake: A Study of the Sources and Evolution of a Theme
David Hayman

Emerson and Sartre: Two Parallel Theories of Responsibility
Adrian H. Jaffe

Tradition and the Lyric: An Historical Approach to Value
Hugh M. Richmod

Palamas, Lorca, and a Perspective for Comparative Literature
Frederic Will

Is Shevchenko a Symbol of Universal Freedom?
George S. N. Luckyj

Book Reviews
René Wellek, Concepts of Cnticism
(G. N. G. Orsini)

Giuditta Podestà, I viaggiatori stranieri e l'Italia
(Joseph G. Fucilla)

George Fenwick Jones, The Ethos of the Song of Roland
(J. C. Payen)

Ben F. Stoltzfus and Harry T. Moore, Alain Robbe-Grillet and the New French Novel
(Jean V. Alter)

VOL. 1, No. 3, 1964

The Present Condition of Soviet Criticism
Deming Brown

Contemporary French Criticism
Germaine Bree and Eugenia Zimmerman

African Literary Criticism
C. H. Wake

Crosscurrents in Contemporary English Criticism
Allan Rodway

Literary Criticism in Spanish America.
Mildred Adams

The Poet as Critic in Germany: Observations on Some Present-Day Critical Writings in Germany
Konrad Bieber

Book Reviews
Linette F. Brugmans, Correspondance André Gide-Atnoid Bennett. Vingt Ans d'Amitié Littéraire(1911-1931)
(Albert J. Guerard)  

Richard Thieberger, Configuration critique d'Albert Camus, II: Camus devant la Critique de lan gue allemande
(J. H. Matthews)

Rocco Montano, L'Estetica del Rinaseim en to e del Barocco
(Davy Carozza)

Dale B. J. Randall, The Golden Tapestry: A Critical Survey Of Non-Chivalric Spanish Fiction in English Translation (1543-1657)
(Ernest J. Moncada)

VOL. 1, No. 4, 1964

Beyond a Theory of Literature: Intimations of Apocalypse?
Ihab Hassan

Crocean Influence and Historicism in Italy
Rocco Montano

Contemporary Brazilian Criticism
Raymond Sayers

Nota Sobre La Crítica Literaria en España
Jose Luis Cano

The Hungarian Shores of Realism
Ann Demaitre

A Postscript on Soviet Criticism
Deming Brown

Book Reviews
Haskell M. Block, Mallarmé and the Symbolist Drama
(Lloyd James Austin)

Guillaume Apollinaire, Alcools
(Konrad Bieber)

Gwendolyn Bays, The Orphic Vision: Seer Poets from Novalis to Rimbaud
(J. H. Matthews)

Jean Fabre, Lumières et Romantisme. Énergie et nostalgic: de Rousseau à Mickiewicz
(Georges May)